Outrun Zombies, or be Their Dinner

Outrun Zombies, or be Their Dinner

Outrun Zombies, or be Their Dinner

Can You Literally Outrun Zombies?

RunZombieRun is a fitness app for iPhone that keeps you running while being chased around by virtual zombies. Using real time GPS tracking, this app turns any location you’re in into a zombie infested area where your only option to keep running or risk being eaten by the zombies trailing behind you.

The main user interface is composed of a map of your current location which can be changed to a standard, satellite, or hybrid view. Below the map you’ll find a basic navigation menu containing an option to start the game / start running, access the arena, a run log, and settings menu.

When the start game option is selected you’ll hear a voice over narration tell you to start running followed by an on screen display of the time left and your current speed. As you run, the GPS on your device will update your current location in real time and give you stats such as your starting time, distance traveled, and average pace.


You can also track other joggers from around the world by selecting the arena option or broadcast your location to the public. After completing a jogging session you’ll be able to replay the jog and send it to email contacts in the native (.rzr) app format or send it as a .kml format to be viewed in Google Earth or other kml viewers.

Lastly, in the settings menu you can adjust every aspect of the app from the units of measure, back ground alarm, game type, difficulty level, replay settings, and real-time viewing. You can also create a nickname and change it from time to time so that stranger cannot track your location.

RunZombieRun requires iOS 4.3 or later and costs $0.99 from the iTunes app store.

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