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Orderly App Review

Orderly To-Do List App AppDictions Review

The world of smart phones is making life a lot easier, as you can now stay organized and updated to your tasks for as long as you want with the help of the new app; Orderly. This app makes it easier for you to keep records of all the things you want to do in due time, in your iPhone or iPad, and still be able to retrieve it when you need it. This makes life a bit easier as you will never have to worry about carrying pens and papers to keep your memos. All you need is your phone, and the Orderly app.

Orderly To-Do List App Features:

The main function of Orderly is to create to-do lists, and have the app notify you a few minutes or hours before the event. This means that you will never forget anything you are supposed to do, as the app will be your personal assistant to help you remember everything that you should do.

Another great feature is the ability to synchronize files from drop box, and also share the same with your friends and family. If there is a task you were supposed to send to any of your friends, you can use Orderly to send the files directly from your drop box to their inboxes.

Orderly To-Do List App Appearance & Layout:

The ability to customize and use different backgrounds adds to the apps aesthetics, as well as legibility. Font faces and color are also customizable options. Lists are easy to create and edit and the interface organizes them by priority; high, medium and low

Orderly To-Do List App Value:

Organizational seekers and those with mild ocd will be clamoring for this list making and organizational app! $0.99 makes Orderly a tremendous value.

iPhone App
Star Rating:
Orderly - Tekton Technologies ★★★★★


iTunes Description

It is presented as simple STICKY notes, so that you can create To-Dos and post it on your board, just like a sticky note. But this App allows you to prioritize your To-Dos, without the hassle of misplacing a note or forgetting an item, just because there are too many To-Dos to manage. THE BEST part of the App is

"Orderly automatically prioritizes your To-Dos by moving around those sticky notes."

PLUS, there are a great many user friendly gestures that allow to quickly and effortlessly manage your ToDos on an iPhone.


—-> More Updates coming soon <—-
✔ Notification Alerts, Badge Alerts.
✔ Calendar Reminders
✔ DropBox Sync
✔ iPad version.

✭✭✭ Highlights ✭✭✭

✓ Create a To-Do instantly, by keying in a title for the ToDo.

✓ Great usability using simple iPhone gestures.

✓ Pinch to zoom in/out, to have a quick glance of the To-Do.

✓ Automatically prioritizes your To-Do based on the day.

✓ Long press to delete or drag and drop to move a To-Do to a different priority.

✓ Swipe right to mark an item completed or swipe left to delete an item from the To-Do.

✓ Supports two boards or views. A Home view and a Work view.

✓ Set colors/fonts, priorities.

✓ Can set recurring dates.

✓ Instantly share a To-Do via SMS or Email.

✓ Once a To-Do is completed, it moves automatically to the archives, and you can browse through them when needed.


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