OnePass – App Review

OnePass - App Review

OnePass - App Review

AppDictions App Review
These days, almost everything you do online requires you to create a username and password.  While it is safest to use a different username and password on each site, how are you expected to remember all those different combinations?  OnePass can help!  OnePass stores all of your important and sensitive information that can be easily accessed whenever you need it.   OnePass keeps your information safe by password protection so your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands even if your iPhone does.  You can even back pall of your information so it can be retrieved in the future.  OnePass makes it easy to save and file your sensitive information by using colorful and unique “cards” for each account.  Use one of 5 card templates or create your own document.

Keep track of your most important information in style with OnePass!


iTunes Description
OnePass offers a convenient and secure solution to store various personal information on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Remember just one password for all your important data.

The data is displayed as cards arranged in folders. Type of cards can vary, depending on the selected template.
Set a password to run the application and take regular backups of your data. This will protect and save your information.

Key features:

  • simple interface
  • password protection
  • backup/restore via e-mail
  • fast search
  • 5 installed templates
  • Retina support

More info and screenshots:

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