Old MacDonald Piano – App Review

Old MacDonald Piano - App Review

Old MacDonald Piano - App Review

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The Old MacDonald Piano was created by a preschool teacher and pianist.  This application allows kids to both learn and have fun. Kids can follow the lighted keys or match the colorful music notes to the piano keys, be creative by add animal sounds to their songs, record what they are doing, sing using the karaoke feature, and hear songs on different musical instruments.  This app is amazing for little kids and a great learning tool!  The Old MacDonald Piano was very nicely developed and designed.  We highly recommend this app to all you parents out there.


iTunes Description
Aspiring toddler & preschool pianists now have a new way to take piano lessons! Introducing Old MacDonald Piano iPhone App by KIBOOMU.
“Spark your child’s love of learning and musical creativity with this sing and play along piano.”
– Eric Wiseman, PhD, Harvard University
Created by a preschool teacher and pianist. This interactive app encourages children to take a more active role in learning! It’s also a really fun way to introduce children to playing piano!
With this play-a-song iPhone app, children can do the following:
♫ follow the lighted keys or match the colorful music notes to the piano keys
♫ watch the piano keys light up one by one with the song
♫ press the start button and sing along
♫ add animal sounds to the song
♫ hear the song played on a banjo, xylophone, harp, flute, bells and more!
♫ record your child singing and playing the piano!
♫ sing and read karaoke style lyrics in English, French & Spanish
Playing the piano is not just fun, it’s educational too!
Research has shown that piano lessons:
1.Help Children in School
2.Raise Self Esteem.
3.Increase Coordination
4.Help Children to Concentrate
5.Help Children to be Well-Rounded
Your input is greatly appreciated, as it allows us to further enhance and develop new features for our Piano App, so please send along your feedback/suggestions/comments to feedback@kiboomu.com!  

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later 

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