NumiCam Video and Camera App for iPhone

NumiCam Video and Camera App for iPhone and iPad

NumiCam Video and Camera App for iPhone

Take Still Photos While Recording Videos on Your iPhone with NumiCam App

Have you ever been taking a video and wanted to take a picture while recording the action? If you’ve tried but haven’t succeeded chances are you haven’t heard of NumiCam. NumiCam video app for iPhone is a fully functional camera for taking photos while record videos on iPhone.

NumiCam has an intuitive interface resembling the default camera app, record button and a camera function that allows you to take photos without interrupting your video recording. All you need to do is tap on the red record icon on the bottom of the screen to record a video. Tap the camera icon to take photos. Photos taken while recording videos are saved into the photo library. You can view them after you’ve finished recording your video.

Need to share your saved media files from your library, no problem! NumiCam allows you to email contacts, send to social media sites and friends by simply tapping on the icon to the right of record button.

Since this is a free app you will see ads the entire time using the app. While this isn’t a major issue for regular users, it can prove to be a bit of an obstacle if you want to use the view finder to capture full resolution videos. However if you don’t like the ads, just purchase the paid version for $0.99.  A very small price to pay for an app with great functionality.

Numicam Free requires iOS 5.1 or later and free to download from the iTunes app store.

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