Numbers+ App Review

Numbers+ App Review

Numbers+ App Review

AppDictions App Review
The Numbers+ app for the iPhone makes storing and sharing phone numbers easy, just as it should be.  Numbers+ from Inflection LLC features a very large, easy to read and intuitive interface. We begin by adding our own contact information included first name, last name and number. Now we are ready to start storing and exchanging numbers.

Once a number is entered, Numbers+ scours their database (not exactly sure where this data is gathered from, but it does seem to be quite extensive) and recommends the name associated with the number. This does not always work, but did so more often than not for us. Once the number and contact have been stored its time to  then share your information back with an SMS message, email or call, but I prefer the first two methods, as I feel the “call and hang up so I now have your number” method is exactly what Numbers+ seeks to eliminate.

Numbers+ should also be viewed as a business tool. Say you are attending a trade show or some type of business networking event, where numbers and contact information is regularly exchanged as the atmosphere is noisy; Numbers+ will easily share and display the information without calling, on a professional looking v-card.

Numbers+ is a speedy and neat little utility for adding and exchanging phone numbers and comes with the best price tag of all: free.

iTunes Description
Numbers+ makes adding new contacts to your phone pain-free.

Type in a phone number, select a name from our list of suggestions, and hit “add.” If you want to share your contact details, just tap “text my info.” Numbers+ will create an elegant business card and send it to your new contact.

Wait how do you spell your name?
You don’t have to type another name again. Numbers+ saves you time by searching our huge database of contact info. Tap on the suggested name to add the contact to your address book.

The RIGHT impression
Don’t ask that looker you just met to “bump it.”  Use Numbers+ to add their number to your phone.

Add contacts. FAST.
Numbers+ is a quick and easy way to save and share contacts. Type in a number, and we’ll search our huge database for the name. Need to share a contact? No sweat! With Numbers+, you’re just a tap away!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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