NoteMinder – App Review

NoteMinder - App Review

NoteMinder - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Noteminder is like your own personal assistant – ready to capture your every word whenever you want!  Record voice memos with the shake of your wrist and, when you are done recording, simply shake your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch again to instantly send to an email address.  If you don’t want to shake your device to start/stop/send the recording, you can either press the Start/Stop buttons or just press the blue “Record” button.  And for those days where you just feel like typing out a message, Noteminder gives you an option to type a note and send to any email address.  If you lose your email, it’s ok – Noteminder automatically saves your voice memos for 30 days up to one year.  Great for remembering items to buy at the grocery store or to capture those perfect thoughts for that book you’ve always thought about writing.


iTunes Description
Remember any ideas or thoughts with no keystrokes! – ON SALE NOW $0.99
“SHAKE TO RECORD” and “SHAKE TO STOP & SEND” – Regular Price $2.99
Your message is sent to your email inbox in seconds.

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FOR iOS 4.2, We have found that most issue that arise related to sending are password errors, If you have any issues email . EVERY support issue submitted has been completely resolved the same day.

Say goodbye to forgetting ideas, dates, phone numbers, and important thoughts. NoteMinder is the simplest, safest, most convenient, and most reliable reminder tool you’ll ever use. Send notes and voice memos to a predetermined email address. Use it on the go or in the car when you can’t type.


  • Simple NO touch operation
  • Open NoteMinder → Shake – Talk – Shake ← that’s it.
  • Multiple input modes
  • Background sending Cue: True multitasking
  • Messages are sent to any preset email address
  • Sound notification to confirm actions
  • Send yourself text reminders, audio reminders, or both – you choose!
  • Bluetooth compatible (iPhone)
  • Remember anything! lists, anniversaries, business ideas, affirmations, and phone numbers
  • Easily and quickly sent to a default email address of your choice
  • Configure reminders based on your needs
  • An audio or text is always ready to send with one shake
  • Change the default subject or body text sent with each reminder
  • Listen to your message before you send it, if you want
  • Automatically saves your reminders for 30 days to 1 year.
  • Simple, attractive, easy-to-use interface – no technical knowledge required.
  • Use with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You know the feeling – You have a great idea that you think you will remember and five minutes later, you are saying, “What was that?”

These “little” thoughts, appointments, times, tasks are often key elements for the success of a task, project or sale. Forgetting these details can cost you time, a job or money. NoteMinder is a simple applications designed to remember the things that you can’t. Simply launch the application, shake to record, and shake again to stop recording and send your reminder. Open your email, the NoteMinder message is there – helping you remember anything and everything. There is no shortage of note-taking applications, scheduling applications, appointment books, and task list options, but if those were easy to use, the world would be a much more organized place.

AlchemAid has spent time researching the biggest problem with staying organized and guess what we’ve found?

Organizers are no good if you forget to put your tasks, phone numbers and appointments in them!

NoteMinder adds value to all of the organizational products you own and improves your ability to remember the important things in life – ALL TOUCH FREE! When you use NoteMinder, recording any thought is as simple as “Shake to Record – Shake to Send”

Do you really want to open an application, find your record, type your information or note, then hit send only to find out that you sent the message to someone else by mistake because it was a thought you had a 3am.

Stay organized and remember everything…. Download it TODAY!

If you have a specific bug fix or an idea for future enhancement please contact us directly on our Web site. Our goal is to continue to enhance this application, keeping people more productive and successful. Please don’t use the apple feedback forum for this purpose, as it is only one-way communication. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions as we continue to update and develop our apps to exceed the expectations of our users.

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