Note Goal Pro App Review

Note Goal Pro App Review

Note Goal Pro App Review

Go far beyond playing just “Chopsticks” with the Note Goal Pro app. Note Goal Pro is a great sounding piano note trainer app from developer Shining Code. Billed as being useful to both students in training and piano instructors, Note Goal Pro should also be enjoyed by the casual instrument player, and can provide a non-intimidating introduction to a young child interested in learning piano.

I remember as a child having an old piano with the keys labeled with masking tape! Note Goal Pro allows you to label the keys and even color code – let’s just say this app is much more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing! Once you launch the app you can choose to register or play as a guest. Go ahead and hit the settings tab and choose your help level, ranging from off – no keys labeled or keys given – to tutor, which basically shows you ever note to play. There are 4 types of quizzes, which has us replaying a serious of notes shown to rack up achievements. Your achievements earn points which are based on the number of correct notes played. 4 notes is 50,000 +, 8 notes nets you 101,000+, 12 notes equals 208,000+, and a whopping 16 notes is good for 278,000+.

Note Goal Pro features 15 Key Signatures, Bass & Treble Clefs; fantastic overall sound and also supports a MIDI keyboard using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. I think a great feature would be having a few basic songs to play along with a la Guitar Hero, but this is a wonderful instructional/trainer app nonetheless.


iTunes Description
Whether you are a piano student looking for apps to help you on practicing reading notes, or you are a piano teacher who need a trainer app to help you in teaching classes, Note Goal Pro is definitely what you need.

With a wide range of level control, Note Goal Pro is not only an interesting game for experienced piano players, but is also a great tutor for beginners. It certainly can help you learn and practice music notes effectively on your iPad.

Note Goal Pro is widely used and recommended by many piano teachers. It is the only professional choice for iPad!


  • MIDI Input: Supports MIDI keyboard input with CoreMIDI (via Apple Camera Connection Kit).
  • Large Note Range: Covers 5 octaves, from G0 to F5.
  • Teaching Mode: Hitting a key shows its note and pitch name.
  • Range Selection: Adjustable range lets you practice particular notes intensively.
  • Multiple Quiz Types: 4 quiz types including Random, Ascending, Descending and Chords let you practice your skill in different ways.
  • All Key Signatures: 15 key signatures for treble clef and bass clef respectively.
  • Help Modes: 3 help modes, including a Tutor mode for beginners.
  • Color Coded Keys: While practicing, colors can be applied as a hint for correct keys. This is especially helpful for beginners and kids.
  • Pitch Name Label: Each white key can has its pitch name labeled on it.
  • Multiple Notes: Unlike other similar apps showing only one note at a time, Note Goal Pro shows multiple notes simultaneously. This is very important for improving your reading speed.
  • Game Length Control: Each game quizzes you with up to 10 pages of notes. Both number of notes and number of pages are adjustable.
  • Hi-Score Records: 30 records keep your highest scores of all treble and bass scales separately.
  • Gorgeous Sound: High-quality, real and beautiful piano sound.
  • Keyboard Size Control: You can adjust the keyboard size to fit your need. Three different sizes are available.
  • Achievemets: Improve your skill with more fun by gaining achievements. Your scores of all scales are listed clearly in a table.
  • Multiple User Profiles: With a maximum of 20 user profiles, you can share this app with your friends or family members. This feature is also very helpful for piano teachers to keep track of students’ progress.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

iPad App:
Note Goal - Shinning Code

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