Note Anytime a Full Featured Easy Note Taking iPad and iPhone App

Note Anytime a Full Featured Easy Note Taking iPad and iPhone App

Note Anytime a Full Featured Easy Note Taking iPad and iPhone App

Take Notes Easier with Note Anytime iPhone and iPad App

Note Anytime is a comprehensive note taking app for iPhone and iPad that gives you the ability to take notes quickly and naturally. The app contains an extensive collection of editing tools for writing, drawing, and sharing your notes, and is designed to work in any situation whether it’s during a formal meeting or classroom lecture.

After the app has been installed you can download the sample notes to get acquainted with the different features included. If you don’t have time to wait for the download or just want to get started right away you can always cancel it and start from scratch by creating a new note from the main menu.

The app’s user interface is easy to navigate and allows for a very flexible workflow for different types of users. At the top panel you’ll be able to access options to change the appearance of your note. These include options such as magnification ratio, paper settings, note style, printing options, and sharing options.

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You can also undo and redo changes made to your notes via the icons located at the top of the screen and enable full screen mode or zoom from the bottom panel. When adding notes to the paper you’ll be able to adjust the look of the writing utensil through the movable context menu that shows up over your notes.

Using this menu you can also set the line thickness of the pen tool, adjust the opacity, select the color, and choose between a solid line, dotted line, and calligraphy pen. The pen tool is especially useful when you want to add freehand sketches to your notes and can be used in conjunction with other tools such as the eraser, text, and selection tool.

Once a note has been completed it can be saved as a jpeg image or shared on platforms such Dropbox, Facebook, Tumblr, twitter, etc. Note Anytime is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later and is free to download from the app store.

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