Nonograms Pro – App Review

Nonograms Pro - App Review

Nonograms Pro - App Review

AppDictions Review:
Are you looking for a challenge, unique, and fun puzzle game? Well look know further Nonograms Pro is the app for you. This app consists of 12,000 timed puzzles that get harder and harder as you move along. Nonograms Pro keeps your interest and definitely keeps you coming back for more. The goal is to fill cells in a grid according to the provided hints. This app as designed and developed very nicely and we highly recommend it to all you puzzle maniacs out there! Get ready to challenge your brain!  


iTunes Description:
Tired of solving the same old types of puzzles? Where’s the challenge, the uniqueness and the fun? In Nonograms, that’s where! You’ll never tire of these addictive games that truly test your skills, or the slick controls as you work you way through all of the more than 12,000 timed puzzles. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

“If you are an expert at Sudoku growing tired of nailing every puzzle in less than 5 minutes and are looking for a challenge, Nonograms is for you.”
– Jack Thorp

Not for the faint of heart
“This isn’t an easy game….at least not for me. (…) it’s logic, with numbers and being an original puzzle designed by the Japanese, clearly challenging, which is a true compliment! Brilliant minds will find it simple, for those who like challenging puzzles, it’s worth the money but again, not for everyone. For some, it might be over one’s head. I love that very element and did an immediate download. I’m curious what others may think.”
– mallorysd

You’ve been having a great time playing Sudoku but you’re ready for something different. Bored, you decide that you might as well find out what all the excitement is about with those Nonograms. Your friends seem to think they are cool, so what the heck, it’s worth a look. 

You start by visiting the Nonograms website at that your friends told you about. Sweet! There are some of those Nonogram puzzles for you to try out. Can they capture your interest and challenge your skills? You bet they can! You can say good-bye to boredom from now on. 

The goal is to fill cells in a grid according to the provided hints. If you think it’s easy, you haven’t played Nonograms. Go ahead and try one, you’ll see. You can watch the timer go, or just enjoy solving them slow and easy. 

While the puzzles are a test of your skills, the controls are smooth and comfortable. They’ve been specifically designed for the iPhone’s small screen and are effortless to use! 

Okay, you’re convinced that Nonograms are great fun. Now, to download the app to your iPhone. Which of the 10,000 unique puzzles will the app randomly choose for you first? You were looking for challenge, right? Well, you’ve found it. 

All of the puzzles in Nonograms will keep you glued to the screen. You’ll be hooked from the first one you try. Are Nonograms too hard to ever figure out? Nope, but neither are they easy. Your brain and powers of logic come into play here. Make it easier on yourself and start from the smaller 5×5 and work your way up to the bigger puzzles. 

Just check out what you get with the Nonograms app: 

  • Clean interface, distraction free
  • Slick, effortless controls, designed specifically for the iPhone’s small screen
  • Puzzles range in size from simple 5×5 to challenging 20×20
  • Over 10,000 unique Nonograms so you will never run out of new puzzles
  • Auto-fill feature fills a complete row or column with ‘x’. Very useful for larger puzzles
  • Save your current, unfinished puzzle to take another crack at later
  • Compare your scores with other players using an online scoreboard
  • Challenge yourself with the ‘Daily Puzzle’ and see how you rate against others who try it
  • Multiple undos and redos ensure that you can always recover from a recent mess up
  • Turn game sounds off and on
  • Turn tilt movement off and on
  • Game timer keeps you engaged
  • Puzzles are designed by Atanas Georgiev, operator of

If you love solving puzzles but want real challenge, Nonograms is for you. Download the app now and pit your skills against these unique, professionally developed games. You are in for the time of your life. 

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. 

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