Never Miss a Meeting or Event with Voice Secretary iPhone App

Never Miss a Meeting or Event with Voice Secretary iPhone App

Never Miss a Meeting or Event with Voice Secretary iPhone App

Voice Secretary is One of Best Voice Secretary Business Apps in iTunes

V-Reminder is a voice memo app for iPhone that keeps you organized by setting alerts with your own personalized voice reminders. From creating memos when creative inspiration strikes to making sure you don’t forget any important upcoming events, V-Reminder is the only app you’ll need.

You can use this app to record voice reminders using your device’s camera – simply hit the record button on the bottom of the interface and save it to your list of reminders. There are options to create quick reminders, exact date reminders, and set the repeat time for each of the voice memos you set.

Memos can also be saved as notes which allows you to save your recordings without having to set the voice memo as a reminder. Once a memo has been saved it shows up on the alert calendar which displays a list of all your recorded memos overlaid on top of a monthly calendar similar to the default iOS calendar.

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Alerts can be sorted according to time or status and similarly the calendar can be changed to a list view or regular view. When an alert is selected from the calendar you can play it by tapping on the play icon on the top half of the screen and adjust the playback volume with the volume controller below it.

There are also additional settings for selecting the alert sound from a list of preinstalled sounds. However one of the more unique features of the alert system is the Nag option which lets you set how many times you want to be reminded of an event within a specific time interval, a perfect solution for all the procrastinators out there.

Voice messages can also be sent through your email so you can access your memos on other devices or on a computer. The app supports file synchronization with Dropbox and has an innovation “proximity sensor” feature that when enabled allows you to record voice memos by simply tilting the device towards your ear.

Overall this is a very comprehensive voice memo app that will help save you a lot of time when getting organized. The user interface is easy to navigate, there are a variety of alert settings, and you can even access the app’s helpful tutorial anytime you want to learn how to use the different features.

V-Reminder is $2.99 from the app store and requires devices with iOS 4.3 or later installed.

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