Nag : Timer Alarm – App Review

Nag : Timer Alarm - App Review

Nag : Timer Alarm - App Review

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How many time have you forgotten to do something like put more money in a meter, return a phone call, view a TV show, or send an email? Now with Nag Timer all your worries can be put to rest. Using a single button, you can set Nag Timer to sound its alarm and provide you with a reminder that something needs to be done. When the alarm sounds, Nag will literally “nag” you till the app is acknowledged.  This app is a great reminder tool and highly recommended!  The design and development of Nag Timer was executed perfectly.


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Brilliantly simple timer puts an end to parking fines, burnt dinners and forgotten phone calls!
5 reviews from around the world – people love how easy and useful Nag is!

There’s no easier way to set alarms and timers than Nag! A single button press sets a nagging alarm that will jog your memory over and over – whatever app you are in – use Nag for parking reminders, TV shows, cooking, collecting the kids – whatever you need to make sure you remember!

“I have not been late for a conference call since I started using Nag.” US, AppStore Review

“Easy to use, great graphics, and a good idea.” Germany, AppStore Review

Nag’s novel controls let you press a single button to set an alarm at the top of the hour, or at a set time away – eg. in 5 minutes time, or an hour from now. If you want to finely tune the alarm time, then simply press the buttons again to add more minutes to the time.

When your alarm time comes, Nag will sound its alarm. If you don’t stop the alarm, Nag will remind you every minute until you acknowledge the alarm. No more burnt dinner, parking tickets or forgotten children!

With great hi-res graphics, sound effects and iOS local notifications (which means you don’t need to stay in the app to get alerted), Nag really makes the most of your iPhone, time and time again.

Nag is the perfect answer to the “just 5 more minutes” or “I’ll leave in a hour” situations we all face – and forget – daily!

To fine tune your timings, swipe left or right on the “LCD” time display to subtract or add a minute
To set the Nag message tap the “LCD” screen. Just leave the message blank to return to the default.

We hope you find Nag really handy – if you do, please leave us a review on the AppStore, and join us on Facebook via – thanks!

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Nag : Timer Alarm - Electric Pocket
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