MyMeetingPro HD App Review

MyMeetingPro HD App Review

MyMeetingPro HD App Review

AppDictions App Review
Creative App design, LLC brings us MyMeetingPro HD; a powerful meeting planning and documentation app for the iPad. This effective tool allows us to plan, store, and capture everything necessary to conduct and/or record meeting information utilizing the versatility of an iPad without having to lug a notebook or laptop into a meeting.

The blue and silver interface design coupled with clear navigation makes it easy for the user to find their way around. MyMeetingPro HD allows you to keep track of meetings, plan a meeting complete with agenda items and invitee information, ability to keep track of meeting costs and more. The meeting facilitator has some nifty tools and their disposal including sound prompts when the information or agenda changes and a progress bar which will tell us if the meeting is on track and going according to plan. The app also features video output.

Summarizing a meeting couldn’t be better given our ability to take notes on the app’s whiteboard, drag and drop items, include photos and even record audio. MyMeetingsPro HD also integrates with Outlook, allowing the opportunity to build meeting attendee lists from contact lists.

Priced at $7.99, this app is reasonably priced and is in the median range for other apps of this caliber and category.  MyMeetingPro HD is a very effective meeting app we think every business professional can appreciate.

iTunes Description
MyMeetingPro HD 2.0, Now with British Pound, Euro and Yen Support and Many Other New Features – The First & Only App to Help You Plan, Conduct & Document Effective Meetings is now even better – with awesome note-taking and whiteboard capabilities – keeping your meeting notes organized. Meeting planning, time/agenda tracking & note-taking (with typing or virtual whiteboard) made simple. Real users are saying: “Great;” “I’m very impressed with the functionality;” and, “love the way it works.” **Featured in iTunes: Business>What’s Hot**  Easily plan and communicate objective and agenda; keep meetings on-time and on-track; keep handwritten and/or typed notes organized; summarize and communicate results.

Are you frustrated with meetings? Most attendees and many facilitators are! MMP simplifies the process so any meeting leader can look like a meeting pro without having to become a meeting pro.
Many managers and employees report spending 30-70% of their time in some form of meeting. Yet, attendees report that 10-50% of their time could be saved if meetings were run more effectively and efficiently. Many times meetings are places where we discuss, discuss, discuss, until we’re disgusted. MMP helps meeting leaders deal with the most common frustrations with business meetings.

Common complaints about meetings include:

  • No clear purpose
  • No agenda
  • Getting off topic
  • No outcome/documentation of action items and decisions

If you ask meeting leaders why they didn’t have an agenda or distribute meeting summaries, they often blame a lack of time. This iPad App can help easily build agreements that stick, capture precious time, and streamline meeting efficiency. The meeting leader can simply distribute meeting agenda and summaries in almost no additional time.

MyMeetingPro features include:

  • Build attendee list from contacts
  • Distribution of agenda and meeting objective to attendees prior to meeting date
  • Visual measurement of on-going meeting cost using average employee salary for attendees, reinforcing importance of efficiency
  • Progress bar gives visual idea of meeting progress whether on schedule or behind, eliminating need for time-keeper
  • Tracking of current and next agenda items
  • Ability to connect to projector or monitor (with VGA or Digital AV Adapter) serving as central focus for group and keeping them focused on important agenda items, progress and meeting notes
  • Visual cues and sound effects prompt group or facilitator when it’s time for next agenda topic
  • Multiple methods of capturing meeting proceedings: summaries, action items and agreements including text, audio, handwriting and pictures (for white board or flipcharts)
  • Keeps meeting proceedings organized by agenda item
  • Simple process to distribute meeting proceedings and objective achievement rating to attendees and others immediately following the meeting

MMP guides the meeting facilitator through 4 straightforward steps to effective meetings, which include:
1. Plan Meeting
2. Facilitate Meeting
3. Summarize Meeting
4. Distribute Meeting

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

iPad App:
MyMeetingPro HD - MMP Meeting Facilitator - Creative App Design, LLC

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