MyLaborBags – App Review

MyLaborBags - App Review

MyLaborBags - App Review

AppDictions Review:
For anyone expecting a child MyLaborBag is the app for you. MyLaborBags is designed to help expectant parents create lists of exactly what items they need on hand for their pregnancy. MyLaborBags is broken into four categories: Mommy’s Bag, Daddy’s Bag, Baby’s Bag and All Bags. This format keeps everything organized in a fashion that is very easy to follow. MyLaborBags was very nicely designed, developed, and very well thought-out. We highly recommend this app to everyone out there expecting a child!


iTunes Description
MyLaborBags is the ultimate labor bag preparation tool for your family. It is a unique & engaging way to manage your familys readiness for the big day.

The birth of your child is unarguably one of the most monumental days of your life. Are you prepared? Your child’s birth-date is variable and can be unexpected. Being prepared means that you and your family will be better equipped to enjoy your labor with less stress. Be at ease to enjoy your miracle with MyLaborBags.

Extremely flexible and easy to use, MyLaborBags is packed with several tools, options, features, and preferences. Gain control of your familys readiness factor with 3 primary labor bags: Mommy’s Bag, Daddy’s Bag & Baby’s Bag. Each bag is presented in an easy-to-read scrollable table. In addition, there is an “All-Bags” button, which allows you to manage all of your bags on a single screen.

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Overview Features

  • Pre-loaded with nearly 100 of the must-have items preloaded to help get you started!
  • 2 full sets of labor bag databases. (Default & Custom)
  • 3 Individual Labor Bags: Mommy’s bag, Daddy’s bag, & Baby’s bag.
  • Convenient All-Bags button allows you to manage all of your labor bags in one view.
  • Manage any items Description, Location, Cost, Quantity, Packed Status and Notes!
  • MyDueDate, the powerful due date information extraction tool provides, Day of Week, Time Remaining in
  • Weeks & Days, Pregnancy Week, & Trimester.
  • Conveniently with you whenever you need it!


  • Export your labor bags with one button into a clean, easy-to-read, color-coded email.
  • Automatically carbon-copy Mommy & Daddy options.
  • Integrated access to your device’s Contacts. No need to look up email addresses.


  • Labor bags are scrollable and easy to read.
  • Conveniently “Swipe-to-Delete” items in any bag.
  • Simply tap check marks to change status.

Statistical Analysis

  • A floating statistical “Stat Bar” is presented atop each bag; tap for % packed view.
  • Shake device to perform a statistical analysis and gauge your readiness factor.
  • Knowing your status is instrumental in assuring your family is successfully prepared for the big day.

Personalization & Preferences

  • Customize your labor bags to fit each family members unique personality.
  • Create your own unique personalized Bag Profiles, Exporting Controls, Color Options, Statistical tools, as well as the Sex of your Baby and Favorite Name!
  • Receive reminder alerts at 1 and 2 weeks prior to your due date to assure your 100% packed and ready!
  • Application Icon & Tab Bar Badges display the number of pending items.
  • International Currency option allows you to select your local form of currency.
  • Customize your Stat Bars color ON/OFF to match your bags.


  • Built-in email access to the MyLaborBags support team.
  • (In-App) direct access to MyLaborBags’ website.
  • Built-in Features info allows you to review at any time, with or without Internet!
  • + iOS 4.0 Tested!

**Watch a demo video or view more screen shots at our website:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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