MyBooks App Review

MyBooks App Review

MyBooks App Review

AppDictions App Review
The MyBooks app for the iPhone will have your reading and wish list organized and catalogued in no time. MyBooks is brought to us by Korean developer and there are some slight grammatical errors in the English translations and syntax, and there are some HTML tags in the plain text book descriptions, but these are minor and do not detract from the app. Ok, so with that out of the way, let’s highlight some cool functions of this app.

MyBooks allows you to scan and organized books of any type but making use of the iPhone native camera to scan the barcode or ISBN code of any book, then saving to the device.  The scan reads fairly quickly and after testing with a half a dozen books, the app performed quickly and accurately. The books once scanned are added to the books list which contains a thumbnail image of the book’s cover, the author, publisher, published date, description, and even a web link to the book.

Mybooks also features an author list which displays all of the scanned books, segmented by author.  AS you can see, MyBooks is a valuable application not only for categorizing books you have read, but also for books you wish to read. Say you are at a friend’s house or bookstore, simply scan the book and you’re all set.

MyBooks is free of charge and is the perfect reading list or e-reader companion and database for your mobile device.

iTunes Description
MyBooks is the App which can list up books, save the book list, and add comments to the list by scanning Bar-Code and QR-Code of books with the iPhone camera.
While reading books at bookstores or at home, users of this App can record the page from which they will resume reading.

Book Database
Copyright is reserved by Open-API Book of and Open-API of

Provision of information on books by scanning Bar-Code and QR-Code of books.
Function to save books scanned with Bar-Code and QR-Code at Scan List or My List.
Function to save the page from which readers will resume reading.
Function to search a book list by authors.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

iPhone App:
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