My Grandma Reads Me Books – GreenLabel

My Grandma Reads Me Books - GreenLabel

My Grandma Reads Me Books - GreenLabel

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My Grandma Reads Me Books – Green Label from idig co., Ltd.  is the latest audio book hit for the iPad.  This app has garnered much praise, and for good reason.

We were a little surprised on how touching of a story this actually is. The premise; a young girl who adores reading to her Grandmother who cannot read. The girl (Min-jeong) reads to her Grandmother each night and after a year the Grandmother is able to recite the story the little girl had been teaching her to read. Supported on both iPad versions in English, Korean and Japanese, the narration reading speed follows a good pace and is not forced at all. Also, the page scrolling is easy and will keep your child’s attention.

Now we still prefer the old school way of spending time and reading with your children, but as mobile device lovers go, this app is a great way to spend some quality time with your children; reading and learning life values at the same time.


iTunes Description
Sale Event for the newly launched app [Grandma Reads Me Books] BookKit for iPad
For celebrating the first BookKit, $4.99 [Grandma Reads Me Books]BookKit is now on sale for 4 weeks.

Week 1 $0.99
Week 2 $1.99
Week 3 $2.99
Week 4 $3.99

Don’t miss the chance to get the BookKit only $0.99

Couldn’t my grandma read books if I read her books everyday?
‘My Grandma Reads Me Books’, a popular picture book, is to be released in an bookkit. The ‘My Grandma Reads Me Books’ App communicates feelings even more profoundly than the picture book did. Tender illustrations and the author’s own narration with great music complete the whole harmony. The first of the audio bookkit series, ‘My Grandma Reads Me Books’, provides a simple and easy UI environment for parents and children. The main screen designed after a book package shows indexes and functions together for easy and quick


  • Digitized high quality oil-painting illustrations
  • Diverse effects supporting illustrations and stimulating kids’ curiosity
  • Page composition designed to follow kids’ changing attention and reading speed naturally
  • Icon menus easily and fastly activated by a simple touch
  • UI Innovative UI separating book reading from playing for enhanced concentration
  • Audio book narrated by the author available
  • Audio book designed for day and night separately
  • One more hidden story enjoyable in the picture coloring section
  • Two more games helping kids’ emotional and intellectual development
  • Learning English together! Korean and English language supported
  • Audio book play function for kids going to bed
  • Easy and simple audio-book self recording function
  • Six funny functions available at a cost lower than a book price
  • Japanese language support planned
  • supported by iPad1, iPad2 (supported by all OS versions)
  • understanding and use of the overall structure.

The audio bookkit where kids can enjoy books, audio books and games adds picture coloring and maze solving. The picture coloring section presents a short story hidden in ‘My Grandma Reads Me Books’ with soft music and sound effect. The maze solving section can be enjoyed by moving iPad in all directions. This section will develop kids’ space sense and brain functions while having fun. The audio bookkit version of ‘My Grandma Reads Me Books’ will deliver the warmth of analog sensitivity via iPad vividly and leave a valuable experience for both parents and children.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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My Grandma Reads Me Books - GreenLabel - idig co.,Ltd.

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