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Technology really has taken over our lives. It has definitely turned the world upside-down, pushing us to new frontiers and making day-to-day living far easier than it has ever been. Technology has transformed our world completely. It has taken the simplest of things and made it (arguably) even better.

This is illustrated rather well with application developer SK Planet with their new social networking offering My Facecard. The application takes your regular contact card or calling card, and brings it to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad so you can share your information with as many people as you want.

At its core, a facecard is a business card that is just shared digitally instead of an actual card. It contains basic information including your name and contact details, so your peers can get a hold of you if necessary.

At the same time, facecard is more than just a tool for exchanging contact information. Just like many applications in the market these days, My Facecard provides a venue for creative expression. The facecard is personalized, far from the bland office ones.

Facecards are designed with pictures, bold colors and unique fonts, with quotes and other nuggets of interesting bits that they user may choose for themselves. It is appealing and attractive, more interesting to exchange than ordinary business cards.

The means of exchanging these facecards are also more fun to do. Bump your phones with the phone of another My Facecard user to instantly give each other your respective facecards. For contacts who do not have the application, you may upload your facecard on Facebook or send it through email. It is very convenient and quick, although emails will only save as jpeg files.

My Facecard is not without faults, but these are easily overlooked with the simple, but ingenious idea and the wonderful execution.

iTunes Description
Socialize and advertise yourself with your own customized facecard!

my facecard takes the concept of contact card to a beautiful new level. Wirelessly share all of your contact information with your friends to get in touch and stay in touch effortlessly.

Each user creates his or her own unique facecard within the application’s simple and intuitive interface. This digital “card” is customized on both sides to allow maximum access and creative expression, using personal photos and images and a variety of fonts and colors.

facecards are interactive; your contacts will not only have your information conveniently presented in one place, but be able to contact you instantly through your facecard.

How? Create your own social name card on a made-easy template. Bump! or Request to share facecards with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

If you change your contact info, by just making the change on facecard, all your friends' facecards will be automatically updated with your new info.

– It's EZ to create your own digital name card. Just combine your unique photo with your SNS.
– Choose your own photo to use as your facecard background, and with lots of options for font customization, create a facecard that best expresses you.
– Your social networking profile at a glance. Appeal your own social card and express your social activities.
– Share and exchange with your contacts and SNS friends.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

iPhone App:
my facecard - SK planet

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