My Downloader Pro App Keeps Files Organized on iPhone and iPad

My Downloader Pro App Keeps Files Organized on iPhone and iPad

My Downloader Pro App Keeps Files Organized on iPhone and iPad

Download, Organize, View, and Transfer PDFs, MS Office Documents, and Major Images and Audio Files with Your iPad, iPhone

My Downloader Pro is a comprehensive download manager for iPhone and iPad that lets you transfer a files to your device over a wireless network. Designed as both a fully functional web browser and file sharing suite, this app is an easy to use tool for downloading files to your device whenever you’re on the go.

The built in web browser can be used to surf the web and download files in all major formats such as PDF, MS Word, and a variety of other popular multimedia files directly to your device. There are also options to change the web browser search engine, homepage, and enable private browsing.

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Tapping on the Download icon on the bottom left of the screen opens up an options menu for downloading files using cloud storage and your local album. The cloud storage option supports file imports from servers such as, dropbox, googledocs, sugarsync, and FTP and WebDAV servers. The local album option simply lets you upload photos from your photo library.

Downloaded files can be stored in folders in the Files section where you can also extract ZIP and RAR files using the default file extractor. And whenever you need to sync files over a wireless connection to your desktop, all you have to do is enter the unique IP address given into your web browser and download the files from there.

My Downloader Pro provides all the basic features you need to transfer any type of file between devices and download them online. The app costs $3.99 from the app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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