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Do you have hard time keeping track of all your dog’s information? My Dog app is your dog’s ID all in one place.  The application allows you to store your dog’s medical & insurance card, bread, photo, vaccination schedule, vet visits, and much more. My Dog app even has a section that allows you to find National Dog Services and access a business directory.  This section allows you to browse for local Veterinarians, Pet Stores, Day Care, Boarding facilities, Dog Rescue Organizations, etc. The National Dog Services and assess to business directory is somewhat limited in certain areas, but overall this app works great. So if you’re looking for a way to track your dog’s information, My Dog app is definitely the app for you!!


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Treating your dog like your Best Friend just got a whole lot easier! "My Dog" is your dog's ID, medical & insurance card and social life all in one. It combines 3 must-have features in 1 Great App: Multiple Dog Profiles, the largest National Guide to Dog Friendly Places & Businesses and The Pet Travel Guide. My Dog is Free during our launch phase only.

"My Dog" is the ONE App your dog wants you to have!

Create & Share personalized profiles right from the App: Medical & vaccination history and schedule with iCal integration. Dog photo, description and ID. track your dog's weight over time. Owner, emergency and vet contact. Attach photos of vaccination & medical records. All ready to be send right from the App to a vet, hospital, dog trainer, daycare or boarding facility – or should your dog ever get lost send it to local shelters and rescue organizations.

The National City-Guide to Dog Services & Business with over 30,000 local listings: Find everything you need locally or on-the-go. Includes everything from dog parks & beaches, veterinarians, pet stores, dog trainers, dog walkers & sitters, daycare & boarding, rescue organizations & shelters to pet photographers and much more. With 250 regions we are cover every metropolitan area and are continuously adding new regions and cities.

The Pet Travel Guide: Dog-friendly hotels, pet travel tips and the guide to airlines & trains and their pet travel rules.


Note: This version is for iPhone Only. The iPad version is available late December 2010.

Create & share detailed & potentially lifesaving profiles for each of your dogs including:

  • Full dog description covers every detail including photo, name, breed, color, age, weight, microchip, owner and vet information
  • Keep track of past and future vaccination schedules with iCal integration
  • Enter any medications your dog is taking with dosage instructions and administration schedule with iCal integration
  • Keep track of vet visits with diagnosis and treatment summary
  • Take or select photos of vaccination and medical records and attach them to your dog’s profile
  • Email the entire profile including photos of medical records to your vet, emergency care, dog trainer, boarding or daycare facility or local shelters and rescue organizations should your dog every get lost

Whether locally or on the road, find everything you and your dog need in the national dog-service directory of over 30,000 local listings covering every metropolitan area in every State including Hawaii.

  • All Listings are in Apple-standard address-book format with one-touch functionality for calling, emailing, website links, business info and full map functionality with directions.
  • Save listings to your personalized “Favorite” lists for quick access.
  • Easily share listings with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or Email right from within the app.
  • Find services and businesses in these categories:
    1. Veterinarians & Hospitals
    2. Pet Stores & Shops
    3. Grooming & Washing
    4. Daycare & Boarding
    5. Dog Parks & Beaches
    6. Dog Training
    7. Dog Sitting & Walking
    8. Pet Photographers
    9. Dog Friendly Hotels
    10. National Organizations
    11. Dog Rescue Organizations
    12. Shelters & Humane Societies
    13. Pet Funerals & Crematories

“My Dog” is your pet-travel companion on the go giving you instant access to everything you need to know when traveling with your dog(s).

  • Get instant access to a directory of verified pet-friendly hotels
  • Access the airline directory and get their pet-travel rules right from within the app
  • Access the US Train directory and get their pet-travel rules right from within the app
  • All listings are in Apple-standard address-book format with one-touch functionality for calling, emailing, website links, business info and full map functionality with directions.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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