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The different iDevices have proven to be suitable platforms for all kinds of professions, especially creative ones. Developers have learned to cater to certain aspirations of the young—the demographic that just happens to be the market of all the hottest gadgets.

Diehard Studio has a new offering that is just calling out to young artists. MutantLeague SB is now available in the App Store, and it allows youngsters to get a glimpse of how the artist’s mind works.

MutantLeague SB—filled with images of the cult favorite television series Mutant League—is a virtual sketchbook. It honors the well-documented talent of the series’ veteran art director Dwayne Ferguson.

Fifty-six ample pages offer the best view of Ferguson. MutantLeague SB is extremely personalized by the man himself—not only are the sketches his own, but he has penned captions at the bottom that tell users all about the process, the characters, the story and so much more.

To be honest, the sketches featured may not be high-tech ones that those used to animations may expect. These are real sketches—drawn with little more than the simplest tools, but with what’s obviously a very high level of skill. Novice and established artists alike will appreciate the detailed drawings and the flourishes in each character.

The captions and comments are not only informative and educational about the craft of drawing, but are witty. Fans will enjoy browsing; they will feel like they are actually hearing the man himself talk.

MutantLeague SB only costs less than a dollar, so if you hold even just a little bit of interest in comics, this is well worth it. It is much more interesting than other mindless time busters out there.  This application is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone—but it is best viewed in the iPad.

iTunes Description
Fans of the cult hit animated TV series, Mutant League, will love this 56 page sketchbook, containing series Art Director Dwayne Ferguson's sketches and comments.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPad App:
MutantLeague SB - DIEHARD Studio

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