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Everyone is using smart devices these days. Smart phones, tablets, mp3 players and the like—even little kids are on the latest and hottest gadgets. That is why there are a slew of educational apps out in the App Store that promises to teach the kids something as they’re having fun on the iPad. Isn’t their time better spent on learning than silly games that teach them when their young?

Leave it to Diehard Studio to design an e-book that combines both learning and good times. Mutant ABCs HD teaches children the most basic and vital lesson of all—the alphabet, what else?

From the name Mutant, you can kind of guess already that the app will involve creatures. When they appear, they certainly do not disappoint. The characters are alphabet-shaped monsters (or moster-shaped alphabets for that matter), and they are goofy, friendly and zany in the particular way that all kids adore.

For more excitement, the developer has made this e-book very interactive. Kids can tap on mystery envelopes to see extra words. They’ll find navigation easy with user-friendly buttons and page turners. Moreover, children will be in stitches with the funny voices that accompany the e-book.

TV series Mutant League art director designed the entire e-book, and this veteran artist definitely upped his game with this one. As expected, illustrations are top-notch, one of the best in the children business. Extremely colorful, each page display utmost attention to detail and skill.

Despite the lack of a clear storyline, Mutant ABCs HD remains incredibly engaging anyway. Tiny tots are sure to love it—from the characters to the wonderful illustrations—so teaching them their alphabet won’t be such an arduous task.

Indulge in this creative and fun application, and make your kids love the ABCs as much as cute monsters.

iTunes Description
What's more fun than learning the alphabet than from colorful mutants from another world? Nothing! Mutant ABCs is full of fun, sounds and voice!

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPad App:
Mutant ABCs HD - DIEHARD Studio

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