Musical Puzzle HD App Review

Musical Puzzle HD App Review

Musical Puzzle HD App Review

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Who ever thought putting together puzzles while combining musical notes by Tchaikovsky could be so much fun? Musical Puzzle HD from developer Khayznikov Inc., is an unique puzzle app which requires your ears and brain to work in synergy.

Here at Appdictions we have reviewed some pretty neat musical education and training apps, but not one which makes an educational game out of completing a puzzle while learning musical notation. The songs heard in Musical Puzzle HD have been recorded from professionals and sound great.

Basically we are putting together the puzzle as we putting together the musical composition. As we tap the pieces to move, the musical notes are displayed and the notes are then played aloud. The musical notes are fluid, so as we join the puzzle pieces, the next part of the score is playing, all the while completing the puzzles as fast as possible! This is both challenging and educational and can really help train ones ear in musical composition. If you are not a classically trained musician, you may want to begin with a familiar track like Jingle Bells!

The graphics for these classical scores and jigsaw puzzles is a hit (pardon the pun) interface is not at all intimidating and the controls easy to use. Each song features crisp graphics and a theme representative of the song.

Musical Puzzle HD for the iPad is available for just $1.99 and makes a great musical learning tool for kids and adults alike.

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Experience the only puzzle game that lets you untangle and recreate musical classics a few notes at a time! Download Musical Puzzle HD and start mastering the basics of musical notation and structure while getting wrapped up in some entertaining jigsaw puzzle gaming action today!

Musical Puzzle HD is perfect mobile resource for music lovers and parents eager to show their children the importance of learning musical structure! The app turns the conventional idea of jigsaw puzzles on in its head and transforms listening to music into a dynamic puzzle inspired educational experience. In this app the music IS the game piece!

Users are presented with classic musical passages that have been turned audio-based jigsaw puzzles. The challenge is simple: Piece together seconds-long musical fragments into coherent pieces that please the ears and mark victory! It’s a straight forward game that’s deviously difficult and exhilarating to play, requiring musical prowess, a keen ear for notes, and quick witted jigsaw decision making.

“Musical Puzzle HD is extremely addictive, it develops an ear for music and helps master
basic musical skills.”

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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Musical Puzzle HD - khayznikov

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