Musical Lights – App Review

Musical Lights - App Review

Musical Lights - App Review

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Musical Lights is a fun and creative app for this holiday season.  Musical Lights allows you to decorate any photo with holiday lights.  You can choose the color, size and style of the light.  Once you flip the switch, watch the lights respond to the beat of the music.  We definitely recommend this app to anyone out there looking to add some light to their house this weekend!!  Simply take a picture of your house and use Musical Lights to gage the placement of all your holiday lights before starting.  This will give you an idea of what the lights will look like before you start!  So whether you are looking for some holiday fun or a great decorating tool, Musical Lights is the app for you


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Decorate your photos using lights and when you’re done with your Eco-Friendly display, flip the power switch and watch the lights respond to the beat of the music! Share your light shows with your friends !

* Reduced price for the holidays *

Tired of becoming tangled in your light cords? Left it too late to hang the lights on the roof?

Switched them on, only to discover that some of the bulbs are burnt out? This is the app for you! 

Fun for all the family, the office party or any social gathering, everyone will want to play!  Great for the Holiday season or for fun at any other time of the year. This app allows you to be creative with lights and music.

You choose the color, size and style of lights, and use them to decorate a photo.  Then switch them on, choose some music, sit back and watch them respond to the beat.

Using the photos in the Musical Lights library or one from your own photo library, you can create the light display you’ve only dreamed about, but were too afraid in case the neighbors got jealous. 

Your limit is your imagination.  Musical lights will have you decorating past the holiday season.  You can decorate, redecorate and do it all over again whenever you want.  

With an iPhone or a microphone (iPod Touch 2nd or 3rd Gen, iPad), the lights will also dance to your own rendition of Jingle Bells, or the latest hits on the radio. Amuse your friends with this irresistible and fun app.

Featuring music by Geoff Smith –

Additionally you can install your own non-DRM music via iTunes File Sharing.

Music is analyzed in real time to give you an authentic look to your light display.

A video of Musical Lights in action can be seen at:


  • Email displays to your friends who have this app
  • Use your own photo library
  • 24 built-in photos you can decorate
  • 7 ready made examples
  • Camera (device support required)
  • 12 colors
  • 4 bulb types, including LED
  • Comes with 6 tunes (two by Geoff)
  • Install your own music (non DRM) via iTunes Files Sharing
  • Responds to Beat, Bass, Mid and Treble in the music
  • Retina display

NOTE: This app will not play music from iTunes on your device, however it will display lights in time to the built-in music, or microphone and you can also upload your own non DRM music via iTunes File Sharing.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later

Musical Lights - Gamez 4 Touch
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