Music Tubee is an iPhone and iPad Music Discovery App

Music Tubee is an iPhone and iPad Music Discovery App

Music Tubee is an iPhone and iPad Music Discovery App

Music Tubee is an iPhone and iPad music discovery app for finding your favorite songs on YouTube. You can browse countless songs across a wide range of genres, explore top songs on the world’s music charts, and even create your very own custom playlists containing your favorite songs.

The app’s user interface has a similar layout to the default music app for iOS except it doesn’t use music files stored on your device. Instead music is played via YouTube channels such as vevo and other artist accounts. The tracks you can listen to are automatically set to your current location so you won’t get the dreaded “Not available in your country” message when trying to play a song.

On the bottom navigation panel are a set of icons to browse the top 100 charts, artists, playlists, search for songs, and change settings. The top 100 charts are categorized according to different genres. The artists section lets you search for artists in your location, whereas selecting the playlists option gives you the ability to use your YouTube account to create custom playlists.

In the settings menu you can change the playback options to specify whether or not you want the app to continue playing a video in the background even after the app has been closed. You can also change your preferred video resolution and upgrade your account for more features such as HD quality videos and an ad-free interface.

Overall, Music Tubee is a simple solution for anyone looking for a way to listen to music on YouTube. Music Tubee is free to download from the iTunes app store and is compatible with iOS 5.1 or later.

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