Mums Mate – App Review

Mums Mate - App Review

Mums Mate - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Every new mom wants to ensure they are doing everything right for their precious bundle of joy.  Mum’s Mate was developed to help new moms keep track of important information in her child’s development. First, the app can help moms track feeding times, formulas, and durations.  Other useful trackers include diaper changes, nap/sleep time, and vital statistics.  Mums helper can even take all of your daily data and provide you with a summary so you can track changes over time.

 Overall, the app is very basic – graphics and features are bland and there is little attraction to repeated use of the app.  Hopefully, future updates will improve the user experience.


iTunes Description
An aid for new mothers. A means of recording feeds, nappy/diaper changes and naps all of which can give clues as to a young baby’s well-being and development in the early weeks.

The feed screens can be selected from the following options:

Breast feeding – feed start and end times and duration of feeds from both the left and right breast can be recorded. A stopwatch can also be activated at the start of a feed and deactivated at the end of the feed with the duration then available for saving.

Bottle feeding – the commencement time and quantity of formula and expressed breast milk feeds can be selected and recorded.
Weaning – snack and meal times can be recorded – useful in particular when alternating with milk feeds to keep track of feed times.

Sleep start and end times and duration can be selected and recorded for both short naps and long sleeps. The Stop Watch feature is also available here.

Additional features allow weight, height and head circumference measurements to be input and saved to enable tracking and comparison, while the milestone recorder helps a very busy mom to quickly and easily record the special milestones. Personalise the application by inputting those first memorable numbers such as birth weight and time of delivery on the ‘Vital Statistics’ page. A photo can also be added.

The daily summary will call up the figures input for a specific day while the date-range option will tally and display totals for each of the items where numbers have been input over the period in tabular form.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

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