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Everybody, no exception, wants to, or should want to get fit. We all want to chase after that perfect size, to fit into the skinny jeans and flaunt our summer-ready bodies. You might say that the sweating and hard work turns people off from exercising. However, one of the most difficult (if not most difficult) parts of working out is getting off the couch and finding enough motivation. We find most forms of exercise inconvenient and a hassle. That’s why the key to getting fit is finding a workout that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

That’s what Gym 445 wants to give you with their brand new application Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner. It brings to you—wherever you are because it is downloadable to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch—the workout, so you can chase after that body you want anytime you see fit.

Thai Kickboxing Workout provides video lessons on Muay Thai training from the actual experts. They start off with the basics, so beginners will really be able to keep up with the regimen even as they’re burning the calories. Step by step instructions and clear demonstrations ensure you’ll be learning the proper way, not just speeding through the lessons. It involves warm-ups, cardio (such as jump rope exercises) workout, kickboxing drills and a variety of other workout techniques to make you sweat.

Coming from former World Kickboxing Association world champion, this application is definitely one that can be trusted to push you to your limits.

Thai Kickboxing Workout has clear and smooth audio and video qualities, which is of utmost importance considering the nature of the application. Other than the videos, it is very easy to navigate in the app; everything is pretty much simple and straightforward. There are no complicated flourishes, because it focuses on the workouts itself.

This app is available at the App Store for $3.99.

iTunes Description
Turn the ultimate family friendly martial arts lesson into an aggressive fitness experience! Download Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner and discover how the pro’s Muay Thai practice regiment can help you get fit today!

Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner blends authentic Muay Thai training techniques via clear video lessons. Because the program is tailored toward users who are new to the world of Muay Thai, lessons are focused on fundamental techniques which are easy to master with dedicated practice. Step-by-step video demonstrations will show users everything from proper jump roping techniques and basic kickboxing drills, to shadow boxing combinations and plyometric routines.

This isn’t just another half baked fitness app. Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner was the brainchild of Former World Kickboxing Association World Champion Edge Brown and is meant to authentically emulate the same type of workout he teaches pupils. Shot on site at Professor Brown’s world famous GYM 445 in San Francisco, all video segments in the app star seasoned Muay Thai experts, all of whom – under the guidance of Prof. Brown – will show users the most effective way to get fit all while learning how to kick ass!

Video training lessons.
Step-by-step workout instructions.
Multiple in-video angles to maximize learning perspectives.
Muay Thai fundamentals & training techniques.
Workout guidance by Former World Kickboxing Association World Champion Edge Brown.

Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner is developed by Gym 445

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later

iPhone App:
Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner - Gym 445

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