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MoneyWiz for iPad - App Review

MoneyWiz for iPad - App Review

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MobeyWiz, a powerful new personal finance manager that  allows you to budget, manage accounts, schedule transactions, track income, set recurring transaction, manage bills, and much more. This financial app give you the ability to sync all your finance information right on your iPad.  It even has tools like a calculator, currency and mortgage calculator right at your disposal.

Managing your savings, checking, debit/credit accounts has never been easier on a mobile device.  MoneyWiz gives you real-time access to your current balances, ability to transfer money between accounts, attach images to a transaction (like a receipt), create/edit/delete or duplicate expenses or income, sort/filter transactions, etc.  You never have to take the time to boot up and view multiple accounts to see your financial standings.

MoneyWiz also has a very powerful reporting tool that gives you all the information you need on your income and expenses.  There are 5 interactive reports to choose from giving you the ability to see where all your money is going.

If you’re like most of us and need to manage your money more effectively, MoneyWiz is the app for you!!


iTunes Description
MoneyWiz for iPad is a sophisticated, feature-rich, yet extremely easy to use personal finance manager, that allows you to manage your accounts, budgets, scheduled & recurring transactions. Featuring interactive reports, data sync, multi-currency support and 100+ more features, MoneyWiz is the most comprehensive personal finance solution out there.

Sophisticated design, intuitive interface and smart in-app help that guides you through the app, as you go, makes using MoneyWiz a breeze.
All of our customers say they’ve never seen a product that easy to setup and use, and that feature-rich in the same time.

MoneyWiz currently supports 4 types of accounts: Savings, Checking, Credit/Debit Card and Cash account.
Accounts also provide:

  • Ability to create, edit, delete and duplicate transactions
  • Ability to enter income, expense and transfer transactions
  • Reconcile an account
  • Smart auto-completion when creating transactions
  • Ability to assign payees to transactions
  • Support for split payments
  • Attach images to transactions
  • Advanced searching, sorting and filtering of transactions

Budgets help you track expenses in specific areas like food, entertainment, groceries , etc.
You can manage multiple budgets, from the following types:

  • Recurring budgets, with any recurrence period you want
  • One-time budgets, to help you plan events (like this dream trip to Hawaii for example)
    Budgets also provide:
  • Real-time statistics for spent vs. remaining money
  • Alerts when a budget becomes low or exceeded

Plan your future expenses and incomes with scheduled and recurring transactions. Use them for your repeatable incomes and expenses. Some of the features are:

  • Financial forecast for any date in the future
  • Create transactions in the future (scheduled)
  • Create transactions that repeat at some period (recurring)
  • Browse transactions either in a list or in a calendar view
  • Push notifications will alert you when a transaction becomes due

Reports will show where, when and how much you spend and get. Why interactive? Just try them out and you’ll see…
MoneyWiz currently has 6 graphical interactive reports:

  • Account balance over time
  • Budget balance over time
  • Compare budgets
  • Expenses breakdown by category
  • Incomes breakdown by category
  • Payees breakdown.

There’s also a real time indication of your current Net Worth.

Sync Everything! ® is our free cloud service, that allows you to keep your MoneyWiz data synced and accurate on multiple devices. It’s totally automatic once you enable it, and it’s also a great way to keep all of your data backed up.

Multi-currency support is in the core of MoneyWiz. You can create accounts, budgets and transactions into any world currency. You can even create foreign currency transactions into your local currency accounts, and MoneyWiz will do the calculations for you. With auto-updated exchange rates, and the built-in currency converter, you’ll never have troubles working with different currencies.

Keeping your data private and secure is of upmost importance to us. That’s why MoneyWiz for iPad is one of the most secure personal finance managers out there.

  • Password protect MoneyWiz
  • Configure to erase everything after 10 consecutive attempts to enter wrong password
  • Visit our website for our privacy policy

Whether you have a question about MoneyWiz or seek an advice how to better organize your finances, we’re there for you. All our customers receive personal, fast and honest support from us.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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