MoneyPad Integrated Money Manager iPhone App


MoneyPad Integrated Money Manager iPhone App

Budgeting Your Money Just Got Easier with MoneyPad iPhone App

MoneyPad is a comprehensive budgeting app that allows you to easily setup budgets on your iOS device. MoneyPad iPhone app will help take the guess work out of personal accounting and help you effectively manage your money anywhere you go.

The app’s interface is split into four main sections displaying account balance, income, expenses and a budget calculator.  The income section lets you record your income from your bank accounts and categorize them according to income type. You can enter job related income, investment income and other miscellaneous income such interest, rent and refund.

The expenses section is where you can record all your expenses in the same way as you would your income. There are about 10 different expense categories ranging from home, utilities, shopping, dining and travel in which you can add your expenses. Just like in the income section, each category comes with a detailed set of subcategories that allow you to specify the exact source of your expense for easy reference later on.

Tapping on the “accounts” section will take you to a screen displaying your overall financial position in terms of your assets and liabilities. The balance of your assets and liabilities are automatically updated based on the total income and expense amounts you enter throughout the app and can also be manually updated in the accounts screen.

The budgeting section, which is probably the most important section of the app, allows you set up spending budgets for each of your expense categories. Setting up a budget is surprisingly easy and only requires a single tap on an expense category to enter the budget amount. Once a budget has been created the app will show you how much money spending cash you have left in each category and notify you if you exceed your budget.

One of the strong points of this app is that you can view all your information on a pie chart or line graph. The charts and graphs display your expenses by category, income by category, expenses vs. income, expenses trend, income trend, and your assets and liabilities. You can also set up recurring expenses and income which is useful for keeping track of bills and other frequent payments. Lastly, you can add a passcode to restrict access and protect your information from prying eyes.

Overall this app is an effective way to keep track of your daily spending and manage your money. The easy to use interface coupled with the wide array of features makes this a must have for anyone looking for a complete money tracking solution on their mobile device. MoneyPad costs $2.99 and is compatible with iPhone.

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