Money Tracker iPhone App Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

Money Tracker iPhone App Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

Money Tracker iPhone App Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

Manage Your Money with Money Tracker iPhone App

Money Tracker is a money management app for iPhone users who want an intuitive way to monitor their daily expenses. No longer do you have to worry about overspending or having to remember what you spent your money on – Money Tracker does all the work for you so you can easily keep tabs on all your transactions and make informed spending decisions on the go.

Once installed, you are shown an opening tutorial explaining the different interface elements you can interact with and how to enter your expenses. Following the tutorial you are taken to the main menu where you can add your first expense by tapping on the “+” icon on the top right corner of the screen. The expense screen contains a readout of the current date, a category picker for selecting an expense category, and notes section for miscellaneous notes.

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To enter an expense amount all you have to do is tap on the number box next to the date readout and enter the value of the expense. The app doesn’t support other currency symbols except for US dollars which is a bit of a limitation especially if you’re dealing with multiple currencies. Nonetheless, you can easily workaround this minor issue by a) ignoring the symbol altogether or b) converting all your entries into dollars first before entering them into the app.

When an expense has been successfully added it will show up in the main menu and add to the current total expenses. You can swipe across the screen to view a pie chart of the spending by category, long term spending graph, toggle between daily and weekly spending figures, and export expense reports to your email address.

Money Tracker works with any devices running iOS 6.0 or later and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store.

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