Momondo is a budget-friendly travel app for iPhone and iPad

Momondo is a budget-friendly travel app for iPhone and iPad

Momondo is a budget-friendly travel app for iPhone and iPad

Momondo is a budget-friendly travel app for iPhone and iPad that connects you to thousands of cheap flights around the world. Whether you’re planning your next big vacation or looking for the cheapest flights for the summer, Momondo is the easiest way to get the job done.

Once installed, you are redirected to the main screen where you can enter your departure and arrival location, as well as your departure and return date. There is also an option to choose how many passengers are travelling with you. Once you’ve entered the trip information, all you have to do is tap on the Search Flights button and let the app do the rest.

In the screen that follows, you are presented with a list of available flights sorted according to price. The top section of the screen displays the price of the cheapest flight, quickest flight, and earliest and latest flights. If you find a flight that fits your budget, select it to go the booking screen where you can choose from a variety of external ticket suppliers.

The entire process, from searching a flight to booking a ticket, only takes a couple of minutes to complete. You can also search for hotels in your destination using the app’s hotel search tool or use the Friend Compass to see the prices for visiting each of your friends on Facebook.

Tapping on the “gear” icon on the top part of the screen takes you to the settings menu where you can change things such as currency, language and airport suggestions. You can also send feedback by email or rate the app on the app store.

Momondo is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires devices with iOS 6.1 or later installed.

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