MommyCal HD – App Review

MommyCal HD - App Review

MommyCal HD - App Review

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Life is busy.  MomCal HD can help you keep track of your busy family’s lifestyle by getting a clear and quick look at the day, week, or month. First, choose an event type from a list of pre-loaded icons, such as Dr. appointment, piano lessons, and even game night.  Drag the icon onto the correct date and specify whether it is a single or reoccurring event.  Next, enter time, location, family member, and other details into the schedule and within seconds, your event is saved to the calendar.  MomCal HD is customizable – assign each of your family members a color (with dozens to choose from so everyone can pick their favorite) so you can associate each event with the correct person, create your own icons using the camera or saved pictures, and choose one of the five different themes that can be applied to the calendar.  There are a few key improvements that would need to be made prior to giving MomCal HD a 5-star rating.  The first, being able to view the times of each event – if not in the weekly or monthly view, at least in the daily view.  The second would be to add notifications or alarms for each event, with customizable options to set these reminders.  Lastly, the icons should be a little smaller, or it should be easier to determine which person the event is assigned to (right now the assigned “colors” are really difficult to see, especially if they are similar to each other.  As it is now, MomCal HD is a good app for moms who need to see a quick, overall snapshot of their family’s events, but most super mom’s will need more detail in order to keep her family’s schedule in check!


iTunes Description
Be the most organized mom on the block with MommyCal. Manage the schedules for every member of the family, create your shopping or to-do list, email and more, all from your device. This is an easy, icon driven calendar that you’ll absolutely love using. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Love it!!!
“LOVE this app!!! I’ve always used a pocket calendar so I could see a whole month of chaos at one time and no app or computer program ever worked for me. This app does it all and is so easy to use! love love love it!”
– Comfygreenapril

Controlled chaos
“Love this app. I have it on both my iPhone and my iPad. Very user friendly. Love being able to look at the whole month in a glance and know everything that is going on. The icons are great.”
– Organicallyorganized

You are an organized, happy mom. Today, you have a meeting at 10:00, lunch with friends and shopping to do. After school, two of the kids have karate practice, one goes to ballet and your husband is heading from work, right to his night class. Your day is planned out, you know exactly what you and every member of your family is doing and when. Oh yes, this day is going to go very smoothly, thanks to your MommyCal app.

Without skipping a beat, you’ll easily manage the multiple schedules that every busy family has. Never again will you forget a doctor’s appointment, miss a PTA event, or take your child to a piano lesson on the wrong day. You just can’t help being anything other than organized when you have MommyCal on your iDevice.

MommyCal lets you throw away your paper lists in favor of a really fun and easy to use application that’s icon driven for speed. One quick glance and you’ll see soccer days, dentist appointments, to-do lists, shopping items and much, much more. Each activity is symbolized with one of over 200 available icons and you can even choose from five different beautiful themes for your MommyCal.

Using MommyCal is fast and super simple. Just drag icons to the appropriate day to add one-time events; create repeating events by just pressing and holding an icon; create shopping and to-do lists, whatever you need and want. Customize events for every family member. You can even upload your own photos and use as custom icons to quickly identify which person an event or activity pertains to.

The MommyCal app lets you email from within the app, too. Go ahead and share your schedule, lists or MommyCal icon with anyone you want. This is a great feature for when your spouse or a friend is picking up one of the kids or stopping by the store on the way home.

Have a look at some of the helpful features in MommyCal:

  • Super easy-to-use and read
  • Handles the schedules of everyone in the family
  • Just drag icons to specific times and days to quick identification of an upcoming event
  • Use as a to-do list and calendar for the day
  • Easily create recurring events by pressing and holding down on an icon
  • Create shopping lists that travel on your device – never forget your list again
  • Create your own custom icons using your photos
  • Automatic resizing of icons to fit more than one on a particular date
  • Scroll from day to day, week to week or month to month
  • Share your MommyCal icon, schedules, to-do and shopping lists by email
  • Use the emails as invites to friends and family

Help available by sending a note or question to

Why not organize your life and your family’s in the easiest way possible? Lots of things in life are hard but managing busy schedules doesn’t have to be.

Download MommyCal now and experience the relief and feeling of control, just by using this simple, fun application.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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