Miramem is a iPhone Task and Memo Management Tool App


Miramem is a iPhone Task and Memo Management Tool App

Need Help Organizing Your Life?

Miramen is an iPhone app that helps you organize and keep track of your daily activities. This iPhone app will make your days more productive and keep you from procrastinating. You can sync important dates, upload your schedules and create events all in one interface that is both functional and easy to navigate.

The app gives you the ability to create tasks that can be scheduled to any date and time. You can add detailed notes to each of your tasks and set the privacy so that only you can access the notes. There is an option that allows you to highlight important tasks so that they stand out on your list of tasks. This is a particularly useful feature if you have to complete a task within a specific deadline or need to be reminded of an important event whenever you access the app.

If you want to create multiple tasks for a single event, Miramen gives you the option to create a project folder. For example, if you have a meeting and you need to call your clients, prepare a presentation, and send out emails, you can put all those tasks into one project folder so you can keep all your tasks organized. The app also displays your project progress based on how many tasks you completed which helps you get a better picture of what tasks need to be completed to finish the project.

In addition to being able to create projects, users can also create sub-projects within any of their project folders. This can be useful  if you have lager projects that require several steps to complete or for projects extending over a long period of time. You can also add tags and set the priority level of each task so that you are able to complete them in the most effective way possible.

Miramen works with iPhone and iPad and costs $3.99 from the app store. If you need a no-nonsense app to help you stay organized, make sure you check this app out.

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Miramem: Task+Note+To-do - Mirazor Labs ★★★★½

iTunes Description

Miramem is a carefully balanced task and memo management tool with an amazingly intuitive interface, offering you latest in innovative features. You can think of Miramem as your extended memory, personal assistant and safe keeper.

Ever forget something important? The PIN number of your card, an important password or picking up a suit at the cleaners? Miramem is going to save the day for you, probably on more than one occasion.

Download Miramem right now, before you forget! After that, the application will carry the burden of remembering things.

– Records and tracks todos, projects and sensitive information
– Unique, unlimited folder and project hierarchy and flat views for effortless browsing
– ‘In Focus’ view for the day’s important tasks
– Powerful search which ranks the results by match strength
– Drawing on pictures – for visual marking
– Military grade security for optimum protection of your sensitive data stored in notes
– Wide range of personalization options
– User definable categories for tagging and filtering
– Ability to place recurring events into an automatic schedule
– Context menus to reach all functions easily
– iCloud sync between iPad and iPhone
– Share tasks and projects through email
– Entering tasks into Miramem using the calendar on your PC or Mac without any setup
– Full backup and restore using iTunes or browser
– Themes, retina display and full landscape support
– TextExpander touch snippet expansion

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