Mind Scan Camera – App Review

Mind Scan Camera - App Review

Mind Scan Camera - App Review

AppDictions App Review
You see a picture of a person smiling and think “they must be happy”, but what does their smile REALLY mean?  Mind Scan Camera helps you answer this difficult question by using its special scanner to determine which mood your smile is really portraying.  Simply take a picture of someone smiling or scan an existing picture from your photo album – it’s that easy!  Mind Scan Camera will go to work and assign one of 12 specific moods to the smile (Happy, Exciting, No-Idea, Angry, Joy, Worry, Lonely, Tired, Sad, Poker Face, Surprised, or Boring ).  Share the results with your friends by uploading the scanned pictures to Twitter or Facebook.  The face detection in the “scanner” did not detect faces in about half of the existing pictures we tested, but the other half worked great and gave funny little descriptions along with each mood assignment.   The paid version adds the functionality of real-time mood scanning.  Fun for a laugh with friends or at a party!


iTunes Description:
Take Photo to Scan their Minds! Happy? Sad?

  • Innovative, interesting, gimmicky, and a whole lot of fun! – 148Apps
  • Awarded New & Noteworthy in Photography – 11/16/10
  • Awarded What’s Hot in Photography – 13/12/10

Is your face Really Happy? Mind Scan Camera tells the objective mind from your face! It’s Fun and Amazing. Sometimes, I smiled, but people think I was angry. Do you want to know why? Scan you face. If your face is still Angry, that means you need more and more smile!

Mind Scan Camera Free can detect 12 minds(mood).
(Happy, Exciting, No-Idea, Angry, Joy, Worry, Lonely, Tired, Sad, Poker Face, Surprised, Boring )

(PRO ONLY) Real-Time Scanning : Scans Mind in Real-Time!!


  • Take Picture to scan their minds
  • Choose Picture from iPhone
  • Share mind-scanned pictures via Twitter, Facebook
  • Detects Multiple faces(use only Front Face photo)

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

FREE Version
Mind Scan Camera Free : The Emotion-Aware Photo Booth – BlueFinger

Paid Version – $0.99
Mind Scan Camera : The Emotion-Aware Photo Booth – BlueFinger

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