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Navigate the waters of seventh grade math with Middle School Math Pro 7th Grade.

Let’s face it; math is one of the toughest obstacles to overcome in school. When you find yourself falling behind in class, you might as well use every tool at your disposal. Even your entertainment-centric iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can give you a push in the right direction with a carefully selected application.

There aren’t a lot of educational applications for older students, but Middle School Math Pro 7th Grade is a great one. You can flex your math muscles by practicing in a number of specific categories – to be fair, the game makes it easy to identify target areas that needs attention. There are even three levels of difficulty for each topic, so you get to try more complex equations when you start getting the hang of the concepts.

Game play is easy; you only have to guide the adorable monkey down the ladder, answering a bunch of questions along the way. Just tilt your device back and forth to control the monkey. These simple mechanics allows players to focus on the math skills that need honing. Functionality over design.

You can’t say makers Monkey in the Middle Apps failed to give a visually appealing application though. The game interface is top-notch, so much so that at first glance you might think this is one for little kids. The colors are vivid, the cartoon characters so wonderfully detailed.

But the best thing about Middle School Math Pro 7th Grade is how it seamlessly integrates to try and better your math skills. You can send a progress report from within the application to yourself or your teacher. There are comprehensive help manuals that discuss the mathematical concepts in detail, with links to videos that may further help.

iTunes Description
Here's a fun way to practice your middle school math skills.

Guide the monkey down the ladders to the end of a level. Answer questions correctly to keep going.

Ten different math topics are included:

Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers
Multiplying and Dividing Negative Numbers
Absolute Value
Order of Operations
Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Scientific Notation
Factors and Multiples

There are three levels of question difficulty for each topic. Replay levels to improve your speed and accuracy and compete against your friends using Game Center leader boards and achievements. Email a summary of your progress to yourself or your teacher.

Attention Teachers: Contact us to find out about free reporting tools on our web site for showing the progress of your entire class.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later

iPhone App:
Middle School Math Pro 7th Grade - Monkey In The Middle Apps LLC

iPad App:
Middle School Math Pro 7th Grade - Monkey In The Middle Apps LLC

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