Middle School Math iPad App Review

Middle School Math iPad App Review

Middle School Math iPad App Review

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CInteractive Elementary’s Middle School Math for the iPad is an interactive educational app that may actually succeed in making math fun! This app is perfect for me to review; being that middle school math is the level that I am most comfortable with!

A fast riser in the educational app category, Middle School Math was created by teachers and is listed as ideal for students ages 11 – 14. The main menu draws the user’s attention to the great graphics which will hold a student’s attention, and the navigation featuring a caveman/jungle scene, replete with ambient jungle animal sounds echoing in the background. Large icons and a maximized work area make each module easy to navigate and work with.

There are 7 modules in all, including ordering numbers (fractions, decimal numbers and integers), data magnet (surveys with answers displayed as graphs), pinpoint plotter (Cartesian Plane used to create animals), place value (placing digits on the correct value chart), the Algebra vault (problem solving using variable isolation) shape board (two dimensional shape creation on a peg board), and the multiple conveyor (sorting of multiples by factors). The Algebra Vault is a little cumbersome, but most areas are self explanatory to both student and teacher.

At $3.99, Middle School Math is a bargain, especially when compared to alternative resources such as a tutor. You know this app is popular and classroom tested as it’s now available through App Store Education Volume Purchase Program.


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Now available through App Store Education Volume Purchase Program!

Emphasizing game-playing and skill development, Interactive Elementary’s Middle School Math has been tailor-made for today’s technology-driven classroom, but it is also a great fit for the home environment. Teacher-created and student-approved, the application is a testament to the iPad’s powerful future in education.

The age of worksheets is over. The experienced educators behind Interactive Elementary understand that learning follows from engagement, and they have designed Middle School Math to offer opportunities for student engagement at every turn. Stretching the full gamut of a well-rounded mathematics curriculum, the eight modules in Middle School Math truly push the boundaries of interactive learning.

Middle School Math is perfect for the classroom, but it’s also a powerful tool for parents seeking the inside track for their 11-14 year old child.

Here’s what’s included:

Ordering Numbers – Practice ordering fractions, decimal numbers and integers by poking cavemen as they scramble around your screen.

Data Magnet – Create surveys and then question your friends before generating graphs to display your data.

Pinpoint Plotter – Plot a series of coordinates on a Cartesian Plane to form one of eight animals.

Place Value – Read numbers and then drag digits to their correct position on a place value chart.

The Algebra Vault – Practice solving one and two-step equations by performing basic operations to isolate a variable.

Shape Board – Pull an elastic over pegs to create two-dimensional shapes. Then measure for area and perimeter.

The Multiple Conveyor – Sort multiples according to their factors in this engaging learning game.

Operations -Practice integer operations, roots, squares, powers, order of operation and proportion problems with our unique user interface optimized for the iPad.

**Interactive Elementary – at the intersection of technology and hands-on learning.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPad App:
Middle School Math - Interactive Elementary

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