Meteoric Download Manager – App Review

Meteoric Download Manager - App Review

Meteoric Download Manager - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Meteoric Download Manager is an awesome app that does exactly what it promises.  Maker Digital Poke’s created an Algorithm that enables faster download speeds which supports background download and queuing of downloads. Meteoric Download Manager even allows you to stop, pause and resume each download you have queued up. Most download manager apps don’t support Firefox Sync which allows you to carry all your Firefox data such as bookmarks, history, and passwords, but Meteoric Download Manager does!

After your downloads are completed Meteoric allows you to rename, copy, delete and move files to different locations. You can transfer files to and from your computer over a WiFi connection via HTTP Web Server and iTunes USB File Sharing system.  Supported files include formats like pdf, doc, mp3, ppt, xls, mp4, aac, m4v, and much more.

Meteoric Download Manager is a one of a kind app that is well worth $1.99.  So what are you waiting for?  Download Meteoric Download Manager today and start taking advantage of its powerful features.


iTunes Description
Meteoric Download Manager is amazingly fast, feature rich and has a stunning UI. Below are the top ten reasons why it redefines downloads.

1. Media Grabber – Meteoric can intercept & grab almost all iOS playable media.

2. Custom API’s – Custom built API’s of Digital Poke allows long tapping on tables, dynamic drop downs, extended feature sets which enables an advanced yet simply clutter-less interface.

3. Insanely Powerful Download Manager – Accelerate downloads (when supported), queue, pause, resume, fetch file name from server response and real time information of the file.

4. Robust File Manager – Do more than just normal operations. Zip folders, unzip/unrar files, restore your time capsuled bookmarks and play any iOS supported files in file preview along with airplay support for media files.

5. Firefox Sync – Meteoric is the only download Manager that supports Firefox Sync. Bring your desktop open tabs, bookmarks and history with you.

6. Dropbox Integration – Meteoric has dropbox integration which allows you to upload your downloaded files to your dropbox account via File Manager.

7. Media Player – Media Player comes inbuilt in Meteoric which lets you play mp3 files store inside Meteoric, form play-list along with background audio support.

8. Magic Bar – Magic Bar allows you to instantly view your bookmarks / add bookmarks via a toggle-able bookmark bar which can be executed by pulling the web page down and releasing it.

9. Plugins – Plugins are short snippets of code which allows Meteoric to extend its functionality.

10. Live Streaming – Just create a Web Server via downloads module and stream all your files to any device, computer, etc. The only requirement is a same Wi-fi network and a browser-enabled device.

Please grab Meteoric HD if you want it for your iPad.

Tested with Megaupload, Hotfile, Dropbox, GMail attachment, Yahoo! Mail, MobileMe, veoh, vimeo, iDisk and many others.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

iPhone Version:
Meteoric Download Manager - Digital Poke

iPad Version:
Meteoric Download Manager HD - Digital Poke

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