MedMory Pill Reminder App a Solution For Pharmaceutical Users

MedMory Pill Reminder App a Solution For Pharmaceutical Users

MedMory Pill Reminder App a Solution For Pharmaceutical Users

MedMory is the most customizable user friendly pill reminder app for iPhone

MedMory is a medical app for iPhone and iPad that reminds you to take your daily pill dosage so you never forget to keep up with your prescription. Through its elegant design, you’ll be able to set customizable pill schedules, track your daily intake, and save money on your RX card during your next visit to the pharmacy.

To get started you’ll first have to watch the video tutorials or skip them for a normal text tutorial describing how to use the app. The information provided in the tutorials are fairly detailed and cover topics such as how to add a pill, edit a pill, delete a pill, and use special features such as connecting your RX card with Passbook for savings.

Despite the app’s vast feature set, the user interface has a very simple design that doesn’t take much time to get used to. To add a pill, simply tap on the “+” icon on the bottom of the user interface and enter in all the details such as pill name, dosage amount, RX number, total doses in full prescription, and doses remaining currently.

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The scheduling settings allow you to set the daily pill time/med start time, set advanced pill schedules, and change alert settings such as the alarm tone, low prescription reminder and visual reminder. Each pill you add can also have its own picture that can be chosen from one of the presets or one taken with your camera.

Once a pill has been added you can sort view all your upcoming prescriptions, past prescriptions and sort pills according to a per use basis. There’s also a passcode lock option you can enable to restrict access to your prescriptions by others. Overall this makes for a secure platform for keeping tabs on your daily pill intake and a great app for staying healthy.

MedMory requires iOS 6.0 or later and is free to download from the iTunes app store.

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