Measure Your Land App is a Tape Measure for Planet Earth


Have you ever thought yourself; I wonder how far China is from the US or the distance between any other locations? Or have you been asked how far somewhere is and gave an estimation based on how long it took you to get there whether it is by foot, bike or some other type of transportation. I’m sure most if not everyone has fallen victim to giving rough estimations to others. Well instead of guessing why not be right the next time you are trying to find out the distance between you and the desired location!

Measure Your Land app allows you to measure any distances whether it be from your house to a store, one city to another city or even country to country. It also enables you to find areas. Ribaba has taken the well-known Google satellite and brought it to iOS users through this handy app. Measuring distances between locations couldn’t be any easier. It’s as simple as entering a zip code or address to pin point your location or even take advantage of the iOS location service. Once you have your starting location pin pointed, you then place your second pin point on the location you want to find the distance to and everything is calculated instantly. You can even add more than one location to your pin points to find the distance between those as well. Although the free version of the app only allows you to add up to 3 locations at a time you can upgrade to the paid version and add more.

Measure Your Land app offers several units of measurement which include SI, Imperial, US common, Chinese, UK Surveyor’s and many more. These can be changed by clicking on the tools button on the bottom of the screen.

At the top off the "Measure Your Land" app are options that allow you to save your measurements in case you want to refer back to them later. You also have the option to save and send by email as a .kml file by clicking the save icon at the top of the screen.

Measure Your Land app is a handy app that I recommend downloading. It’s free and the next time you and someone else are arguing about how far something is you can use this app to settle the bet. In the words of Ribaba “It’s a tape measure for planet Earth!”

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Measure Your Land: get area and distance using a satellite map! - Ribaba ISMeasure Your Land: get area and distance using a satellite map! - Ribaba IS ★★★★☆

iTunes Description

It's a tape measure for planet Earth!


Measure roads, buildings or lands from the bird's eye view.

– Thanks to more then 25 000 people who have chosen “Measure Your Land”!
– “Measure Your Land is the most accurate measurement app” –

How to use:
Find an object you are interested in on the map (search bar is draggable from top by a blue knob).
Choose “Line” or “Area” tool in the toolbar.
Tap along the outline of the object you are interested in.
“Measure Your Land” will show the corresponding distance or area.

Application features:
– Search by zip code or address.
– Send the measure results via email (which can be edited on another device or can be viewed by online service
– A wide array of possible measure systems: International, American, Imperial, Chinese and others, more then 10 for now.
– Additional “Landmark” tool allows to mark objects of interest on the map.
– “Sum” tool allows to summarize measures.
– The application considers Earth’s surface curvature, relying on international WGS-84 standard.

You can get this app from AppStore for free with all functionality available. The only limitation is that you can't draw more than three figures on one map and save more than three measurements in app's list. To expand these limits please upgrade to MYL Standard or MYL Pro version via In-App Purchase.

Loading satellite maps requires the application to have an Internet connection.

Disclaimer: any data, calculated by this program is relative in nature, for accurate data considering local laws address the local geodesic services!


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