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You can save time and effort with MealGuru; a healthy meal planning iPad app from developer EMP Company Inc. How many times have you vowed to eat healthier and tried to remember the coming week’s meals, just to forget them and order a pizza? MealGuru is all about personalizing and planning your meals, one week at a time. If you are feeling a bit lazy, MealGuru can even dictate your meal schedule for you.

Once you load the preferences tab, you will see the days of the week and food categories such as meat and fish, pasta and grains, among others.  Here you can complete your meal matrix by choosing fish on Monday to give you that extra brain function to make it through the week, and a nice sirloin to relax to on Friday night. Further expanding your meal selection allows the user to dictate serving sizes while choosing to eliminate any recipe ingredients a family member may be allergic to, or just flat out dislike!

Once your meals have been chosen, it’s time to review the ingredients and preparation (complete step by step) and then add the necessary ingredients to a shopping list. There are a bunch of other features of MealGuru that bear mentioning. There is a recipe search function, ability to upload your own recipe, like or dislike a recipe a la Pandora’s thumbs up/down, and the option to share meals with friends and family.

So pardon the pun, but MealGuru for the iPad is really a soup-to-nuts app, allowing the user to plan healthy meals, edit recipe’s and add ingredients to a shopping list. MealGuru is aggressively priced at just $2.99 and can simplify your meal planning dramatically.

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MealGuru transforms your iPad into a mobile meal planning solution capable of whipping up deliciously healthy dinner ideas for everyday of the week, including your own favorite recipes. With MealGuru you’ll feel more satisfied from a healthier, balanced eating regimen by starting to improve your and your family’s eating habits today.

This app was created with a simple solution in mind: Provide a planning and organizing tool to help you enjoy eating balanced, diverse, and nutritionally conscious meals day in and day out. The MealGuru provides weekly meal plans based on recipes from the database and your unique taste, compiles grocery lists, and varies dining plans flexible from week to week to ensure that your diet stays as fresh as it does healthy.

MealGuru includes a database of 280 healthy recipes made by dietitians to choose from. Each recipe is broken down by ingredients and their nutritional values. Furthermore, a number of unique “kid-approved” recipes are included in the app, accommodating family friendly meal plans as well. Preparing a healthy eating regimen doesn’t have to be a colossal undertaking. In fact, with MealGuru it is as simple as powering up your iPad!

Additionally, MealGuru allows you to add and store personal recipes right into the app’s database via its innovative My Cookbook function. Personal recipes are circulated and added into meal plans randomly, meaning that favorites will always find a fair place next to the hundreds of dietitian approved choices programmed into the app.

No need to spend hours searching for healthy recipes online, and analyzing nutritional content meal by meal. You simply pick what you want, what you don’t, and let the app do the rest. Shopping lists are included, and can be emailed to yourself as well as friends and family. Preparations are easy and well instructed. The app takes care of all the planning, all you need to do is cook!

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Balanced meal plan creation:

– Create weekly menus based on a variation in protein, vegetables and grains, plus low in saturated fat, balanced in calories and high in fiber, to meet your daily needs.
– Customize your personal preferences of the food and flavors you like.
– Like or unlike recipes for your customized future meal plan.

Discover and use healthy recipes:

– Recipe database with 280 delicious meal choices.
– Learn how to cook easy, nutritionally balanced recipes based on USDA Dietary Guidelines (Children's recipes included).
– In-depth nutritional information and photos included with every recipe.
– Extra food tips by recipe.

Easily add your own recipes:

– Add the recipes directly into the MealGuru and simply copy and paste recipe information from any website.
– Quickly scale recipe ingredients to the desired serving size.
– Easily add photos from your personal album or Internet.

An app built for efficiency, speed, and ease of use:

– Streamlined weekly menu creation tools allow full meal plans to be built in minutes.
– Shopping list creation options including categorized items.
– Email shopping list to yourself or others right through the app.
– MealGuru doesn’t require an Internet connection to function.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPad App:
MealGuru – Your Weekly Meal Plan with Easy & Healthy Food Recipes - EMP Company B.V.


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