Math Wiz Live – App Review

Math Wiz Live - App Review

Math Wiz Live - App Review

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Do you want your kids to practice math while having fun?  Do you like the challenge of math and enjoy problem solving?  Well look no further!! Math Wiz is the math game that “keep you on your toes”.  While the game seems basic it’s actually very addictive. Math Wiz has several different modes that makes this app enjoyable for a long period of time.  First Math Wiz mode which gives you all the numbers and operators.  Your goal is to figure out which order the numbers should be placed in to reach the started target number.  You only have one minute so concentrate and think fast!

Second is Speed Wiz which gives you a series of arithmetic problems that you have to figure out. You only have one minute to figure out the problem so bring you’re A-Game!!! For a more family style game play in Times Table mode.

Overall Math Wiz Live is a cool game.  We all want our kids to learn while having fun and this app is a great tool for that.  It’s even great for adults that live problem solving games.  So if you’re looking for a new game like this definitely give Math Wiz Live a shot.. Heck why not it’s free!!


iTunes Description
Math Wiz Live is the math game that keeps you on your toes.  Simple enough to just pick up and play, but challenging enough to keep you coming back.

In Math Wiz mode, you’re given all the numbers and operators, you need to figure out in which order they should all be placed to reach the stated target number.  You’ve got one minute to figure it out.

You can also play in Speed Wiz mode in which you’re given a series of arithmetic problems and again you’ve got one minute to complete as many as you can.

For a more familiar game, play in Times Tables mode in which you just have to provide the correct answer to the times tables problem presented in one minute.

Get some practice in daily and then play in online mode to see how you stack up against others players.

Math Wiz Live is great for players of all ages and will be sure to turn you into a Math Wiz … with enough practice.  If you’re a Math Wiz in training, then you can use the easy mode in which the problems and numbers are a little easier to solve.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

iPhone Version:
Math Wiz Live - Jaizone LLC

iPad Version:
Math Wiz Live - Jaizone LLC

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