Match Meter – App Review

Match Meter - App Review

Match Meter - App Review

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Are tired of always choosing the wrong guy or girl? Do you find yourself asking someone out for all the wrong reasons? Well look know further Match Meter helps you understand your best match.  Based on a list of questions about you and your known partners likes/dislikes, personality traits, characteristics, hobbies, and lifestyle, Match Meter lets you know if your with the right person.  So if you looking for some answers about who your with, tryout Match Meter and get your questions answered today.


iTunes Description
MATCH METER Match Making App – Warning! Match Meter will break the ice!

Are you always choosing the wrong guy or girl? Do you find yourself asking someone out for all the wrong reasons? Or maybe you’re always attracted to the wrong type and then find yourself disappointed. Never again!

Use Match Meter today to stop wasting time tomorrow!

Other apps will claim to do the same thing but the Match Meter is the first and only compatibility app in the iTunes store that gives real results based on common questions that are important to you – it’s individual. Find your best match now instantly:

  • Perfect match
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Personality types
  • Characteristics and hobbies
  • Lifestyle similarities

You choose five questions for a potential partner to answer and the Match Meter will tell you right away if the relationship is a bust or a go! It’s also fun to play with your friends and family just for a laugh.

  • Want to know if a guy has a car, or if he still lives with his parents.
  • Want to find out if he or she has any weird ideas about a first date.
  • Is music an important part of what you like in a person.
  • Do you love romance but can’t stand horror, find out if he’s willing.

What People are Saying about the Match Meter App…

We trialed this application in Auckland, New Zealand to see if people would love it as much as we thought they would and we couldn’t believe the results. We knew this application would be a great ice breaker for girls and guys wanting to find out if they were suited. What we didn’t anticipate is how much fun this app really is!

Students at Pakuranga College had a great time sharing this app with their friends. This is what they said…

  • This app is great for a laugh
  • loved the email feature, I could share all my stored responses and my mates helped me choose which were the best answers
  • I know more about my friends from playing with this app than I did before!
  • I can’t believe it’s only .99 cents
  • It’s so much fun I even played it with my family!

Buy It, Try It, Love It! – Match Meter

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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