Magic Hour – App Review

Magic Hour - App Review

Magic Hour - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Are you looking for a new camera app? Well look no further!  Magic Hour transforms plain photos into extraordinary photos for every moment you capture. This app wasn’t featured as “New and Noteworthy” for no reason.  This powerful application has touch screen photo taking capabilities, front camera functionality, flash capabilities, focus and exposure functions that are very easy to use. But wait there’s much more… Magic Hour also allows you to make professional adjustments to your photos. Use cures, saturation, brightness, contrast, 8 types of vignettes, 23 different textures, 12 different frames and much more to customize your photos into masterpieces.

Now once you make all these awesome changes to your photos you have to show them off!!  Magic Hour comes equipped with social sharing capabilities and allows you to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumbler, and even Dropbox.

So if you’re looking for a new camera app, look no further because Magic Hour is definitely worth $1.99!!


iTunes Description
Featured as a “App of The Week” on the Japan App Store.
Featured as a “New and Noteworthy” on the US, Canada, Japan, Italia, Deutschland and China App Store.

New Update Features

  • Added A high resolution photo saving option.
  • Added A Quiet Mode function for photo taking. 
  • Added New Custom Crop View. 
  • Added the ability to upload photos onto Instagram, Facebook Pages, Posterous. 
  • Added the ability to upload photos onto Evernote, Mover Lite, Camera+ etc.(offered in the available devices) 
  • Added the function to print photos.(supports AirPrint) 
  •  Improved some conveniences using app.
    1. Added the option of “Always see guides”.
    2. Added guide lines for adjusting curves.
    3. And so on.

Magic Hour is an app that can transform your ordinary photos to extraordinary ones.
It will give you a fun experience you’ve never had.

Capture the moments of daily life!
– Use the grid, touch screen photo taking capabilities, front camera and flash capability offered in the Iphone4.
– Use focus and exposure functions with a simple touch.

Make your memories more precious!
By using 40 awesome filters we provide, turn your photos into work of art. It only takes a few taps.

 Transfer mediocre photos to professional ones with a few taps!
– Use Curves, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, 8 types of Vignettes, 23 kinds of Textures and 12 different frame selections.
– Retouch the curves, brightness, contrast, vignette, textures, and frames of your photos.

By doing so, you can make the filters suit your mood, taste and style. Also you can save your filters and use them again anytime.
– Create filters and edit them anytime

Post your photos and share it with your friends and the whole world.
You can share photos on social network services such as facebook, twitter, instagram, foursquare, flickr, tumblr and even dropbox!
Choose your facebook wall or album, twitpic or yfrog via twitter, add the place you’re at right now to foursquare with your photos,
or simply email it to your friends.

FREE Filter Market! It’s amazing!
What photo app would be fun without updating it with new filters?
We provide you with unlimited filters from the Filter Market. You can upload your filters and share them with your friends and anyone with Magic Hour application.
– Download tons of free filters from the Filter Market.
– Share your filters with friends and anyone with the Magic Hour app via Filter Market.

– For Instagram lovers – We support edited photo to send to Instagram App.
– For Foursquare users – You can check-in at venue you want with Photo via Magic Hour. Also you can add new venue via Magic Hour.
– Magic Hour keeps uploading your photo even if you click Home button during upload to social services. 
Also Magic Hour App will notify uploading result through Local Alarm. Amazingly convenient!

Magic Hour means…
The magic hour is the first and the last hour of sunlight during the day,
when a specific photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light.

We put the short moments of Magic Hour that make everything beautiful into our app.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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