The lottery experience has been changed forever with Lottery Live

The lottery experience has been changed forever with Lottery Live

The lottery experience has been changed forever with Lottery Live

The lottery is a gambling experience that has been around for quite some time. Though people all over the world constantly participate the process has yet to be modernized until the application “Lottery Live” came into play. If you’re a fan of playing the lottery this application is a must for all of your favorite devices. Stay in sync with winning numbers, access local lottery info and so much more in one convenient application.

After launch users are brought to a menu to log into or create their completely free accounts. “Lottery Live” revolutionizes the lottery playing experience while still staying personal. With a well designed menu and graphics accompanying the main app it quickly becomes comfortable to anyone that opens it. Once a user has logged into their account from here they can easily access all features of the app and begin enjoying them all right away.

The time for having to constantly stay glued to your TV when playing the lottery is finally behind you. With the application “Lottery Live” the daily troubles and gripes about the lottery process are finally addressed. Manage your tickets like never before with the new ability to photograph your lottery tickets in the U.S. With the simple tap of a button “Lottery Live” captures your tickets and even will notify you once immediate winning results have been posted. Never feel obligated to view a television a certain time and never miss a winning ticket again receive push notifications and enjoy the new and easy process.

“Lottery Live” is an application that understands the difficult parts about playing the lottery and it furthermore strives to fix those issues. Users can also enable turn-by-turn GPS to find local retailers, receive help in selecting numbers and even more. With “Lottery Live” the lottery is easier than ever before.

Available in the App Store for $2.99, “Lottery Live” is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

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