LotBraining Mental Training – App Review

LotBraining Mental Training - App Review

LotBraining Mental Training - App Review

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Are there certain attributes in your personality that you wish you could improve on?  Need to gain confidence to give a public speech?  Wish you were more courageous to meet new people?  Or, maybe you are in need of relaxation so you can sleep through the night peacefully?  If you are seeking improvement in one or more aspects of your life, give LotBraining a try!  Using proven mental training methods, LotBraining can help you achieve your improvement goals by practicing concentration techniques multiple times a day.  LotBraining can help you improve the following pillars: motivation, success, joy, relaxation, health, courage, and confidence.  Before you begin your training, gauge your level of need by taking a short, 3-question test in each category.  Next, practice the training techniques multiple times a day.  LotBraining gives you the ability to set reminders for yourself so you don’t forget to train.  Additionally, there is the ability to enter notes into any of the categories, which can help you track your progress or record an important thought.  Re-take the tests often to see how LotBraining is helping you improve on your lesser desired attributes. Commit yourself to a training schedule and in no time you may be able to conquer things you never thought you could!


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LotBraining is based on more than a decade of practical experience in coaching and training. LotBraining utilizes mental training techniques originally developed by NASA in their space exploration program.

LotBraining’s application areas range from the use for relaxation and focusing before a crucial meeting to a comprehensive personal development training program. LotBraining’s reminder and note functions assist in creating and executing personal training plans.

LotBraining provides mental support in mastering both life’s everyday and all-important situations. The seven training modules open up avenues to focus on the chosen aspects and to streamline one’s own mental processes. By means of a pulsating symbol utilized in every training unit, one’s concentration powers are unleashed to focus upon the sole and positive thought.

What makes LotBraining so special is the unique mental training system for personal development that can be used anywhere and at any time on iOS devices like the iPhone.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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