Little Idea – App Review

Little Idea - App Review

Little Idea - App Review

AppDictions Review:
Little Idea teaches the form, application and theory of the camous Chinese style of kung fuwing Chun.  For someone looking to learn more about kung fuwing Chun this application can definitely help.  The app fell a little short with the video demonstrations.  We would have preferred video demos of the moves from real people rather then from animation. The layout of the app is good and functional.


iTunes Description:
This app is the brainchild of a wing Chun Student . Helping his/her fellow wing Chun learners beginners mainly too illustrate or bridge the gap between reference and reality. This app teaches the first form, applications and theory of the most famous Chinese style of kung fu wing Chun.
The first form called little idea says it all in the name.

The app is easy to follow we have 4 main tabs

  • Theory
  • Form
  • Application
  • About

Theory section outlines the history of wing chun, energy and motion, balance, structure and much more.

Form section outlines a breakdown of the form into 3 sections and a final version that starts from the beginning to the end. The user can play a movie to illustrate the little idea form.

Application section outlines the basic applications of the first form in wing chun -little idea, its broken down into segments which are the following the centre line, the gates, Pak sau,lap sau,bong sau,jut sau,man sau, wu sau e.t.c.

About section outlines the settings for the app adding background music on or off, the ability to share the app on face book, twitter, bump, send an email, write a review and much more.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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