Little Bird Game is a Unique Physics-Based Never Ending Adventure


Little Bird Game is a Unique Physics-Based Never Ending Adventure

Little Bird's Challenging Levels Will Keep You Entertained for Hours

One of the main benefits of owning an iOS device is having access to all the great games from the app store. There are countless releases coming out every day and there is never a shortage of download options for any type of gamer. From realistic 3d action games to basic puzzle games, the app store has it all and more.

Little Bird is an example of what an every user expects from an iOS game – simple controls and versatile gameplay. This is an arcade style game that will have you going through challenging levels and keep you entertained for hours on end. Your objective is to navigate your little bird through to each level while avoiding obstacles and collecting as many coins as possible along the way.

At first glance you might be fooled into thinking that this game was designed by the same people who made Angry Birds. There are a few design similarities here and there but the same thing can’t be said about the gameplay. Rather than relying on touch based controls, this app is controlled by your device’s accelerator and gyroscope. In order to move your bird through each level you have to tilt your device in the right direction and angle it to control the speed. This all makes for an incredibly immersive gaming experience that easily becomes addictive the more you play.

The levels are also well designed and have a well-polished look about them. The game has 20 levels and players have to play against the clock to achieve a high score. Your best scores are tracked using Game Center which lets you compare your scores to your friends or other players on the leaderboard.

The developers of Little Bird are currently offering this app for free so now is the best time to get the app before the price goes up. Download it from iTunes today and see if you like it.

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