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These days, people—not just children—respond to modern technology more than anything. Being easily distracted by the “next new thing”, we hardly have the time or the patience to sit still enough to finish an entire book. Adults have this condition and so do kids, so when people are looking to teach youngsters the love of reading they now turn to an enhanced medium. E-books introduce children to literature at any age, revamping old classics into interactive models to speak the language of the modern child.

The China Melonking International Group offers a new electronic book that is designed to be enjoyed by everyone. The Lion and the Mouse is a storybook for the iPad 2 that will delight children and encourage them to seek out more books (or e-books).

Not only will the story be delightful for the kids, but it will also hone their reading and comprehension. Three different modes cater to a variety of situations from practicing the child’s reading as he tackles the material on his own, to using the book as a bedtime story with clear and soothing narration. The app is even available in five different languages for non-English speakers.

The Lion and the Mouse will definitely keep any youngster engrossed with exciting animated surprised in the pages and interaction with the characters of the book. They won’t feel like they are learning with all the fun they are having with the mini-games. 

Of course, any e-book—especially one that’s geared for children—should boast excellent aesthetics. Sure enough, The Lion and the Mouse for the iPad does not scrimp on impressive graphics. The illustrations are crisp clear and high quality, with colors swirling together to create a vivid, fantastic background to go with the charming characters. Audio is equally great with distinct (but not overwhelming) music and sound effects.

Try out this excellent children’s e-book at the App Store for $2.99.

iTunes Description
The “the lion and the mouse” is an animated and interactive storybook by kidmind studios. It tells the all time classic fable in a new way that children are sure to love.
Blurring the line between animation and picture book, it features beautiful pictures, mini games, with lively animations and interactions.
Beautifully designed graphics, carefully composed music and subtle sound effects of the jungle will ensure a relaxing experience for children and adults alike.
Play with the characters. Play with the story modes. Play with the languages. This is one book you won’t put down soon.

Only for iPad 2.

33 exceptionally animated scenes drawn in a lively style.
Over 30 different interactions and several mini games.
Beautiful music and sound effects.
3 different reading modes for a different method of reading.
The native pronunciation and special “tap-to-listen” feature ensures accurate English learning.
Available in 5 different languages. (English, Mandarin, French, Spanish and Cantonese)

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

iPad App:
The Lion And The Mouse By Kid-mind Studios - China Melonking International Group co., Limited

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