Leostream Connect Provides Access to Your Leostream Mobile Desktops

Leostream Connect Provides Access to Your Leostream Mobile Desktops

Leostream Connect Provides Access to Your Leostream Mobile Desktops

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Leostream Corporation, a long time provider of virtual hosted desktop software, has delved into the mobile market by releasing the Leostream Mobile Desktops app, much to the delight of iPad users everywhere.
Leostream Mobile Desktops is a cloud based desktop service which allows you to access your computer’s desktop and files from anywhere, securely, using the mobile app. The interface is clutter free and bare-bones, listing all of the machines and connections, which simply require a tap to log you in securely through the encrypted connection.

While there are many file sharing and remote desktop apps in the market today, Leostream allows the user full desktop access and has one glowing advantage; no need for additional desktop hardware. The Leostream Mobile Desktops app is completely free, with monthly packages necessary to facilitate the remote connection. Packages begin at just $20 monthly, and this will get you a fairly hefty 20 GB of storage.

Leostream is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, but with the advent of the iPad replacing the traditional laptop for most business professionals and road warriors, the iPad’s larger screen and functionality makes it a better choice for this app. Some of the other great perks include the ability to view and control Flash as well as Windows applications on your device, making Leostream Mobile Desktops a critical utility for many iPad users.


iTunes Description
Leostream Connect provides access to your Leostream Mobile Desktops from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. With Leostream Connect, your Leostream Mobile Desktops are accessible anywhere you have internet connectivity. No more lugging around a laptop, or lacking access to your desktop while traveling.  With Leostream Connect, your cloud-based Microsoft Windows Leostream Mobile Desktops are available anywhere, anytime!

What can you do with Leostream Connect?

  • Securely and easily connect to your Leostream Mobile Desktops
  • Access your data and files from anywhere
  • Use Windows applications on your iPad
  • View Flash Web sites on your iPad
  • Simultaneously connect to multiple Leostream Mobile Desktops

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPhone App:
Leostream Connect - Leostream

iPad App:
Leostream Connect - Leostream

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