LED Machines – iPhone App Review

LED Machines - iPhone App Review

LED Machines - iPhone App Review

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Ever been let down by a bad LED flashlight app on your iPhone? Look no further for a good one – introducing LED Machines.

As well as using the LED on the iPhone as a flashlight, this handy app gives you an analogue clock with an alarm, realistic weather conditions, a morse coder, LED compass and you can even change the wallpaper on the interface.

Possibly the coolest feature of this app is the strobe option which makes a dark room feel like a club.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t end there. Other innovative features include activation/deactivation of the light with a simple clap of the hand or click of the fingers, and similarly, you can trigger the snooze function just by clapping. Seriously, how cool is that?

This app is truly awesome and highly recommended!


iTunes Description
The app of choice if you want to make the most out of the LED of your iPhone4. Proudly featured in “New and Noteworthy” section of many international iTunes stores.

*** I have purchased numerous LED applications to be disappointed so I know this one is exceptional.***

***Quite simply the best flashlight Iphone 4 app***

—Warning this is not JUST a flashlight—
This is a sophisticated multi-functional LED tool!

Main features:

  • LED flashlight
  • Beautiful analogue clock
  • Advanced alarm
  • Realistic Weather Conditions
  • Morse coder
  • LED compass
  • Strobe control
  • Customisable interface and wallpaper

Instant light on app launch
Sound activated/deactivated by clapping and finger clicking
Motion activated/deactivated by flipping phone

Clap your hands to set snooze. Find your phone in the dark with automatic LED light activation.Multiple alarm functionality with 11 exciting sounds like animals and mechanic effects. You can also choose a song from your library. The alarms are active even when the app is not running and the phone is on stand by. If the phone is on when a build in alarm rings, you can deactivate it by clapping your hands (you never have to fumble around to find your phone!). You can also turn on the LED, on regular or strobe mode while the alarm is ringing. Options for Vibration, selectable snooze time, decreased snooze and for the alarm to run once

When a snooze is set, the snooze indicator appears on the clock indicating you when the snooze will ring. You can easily change the snooze time length by just taping and rotate the snooze indicator on the minute you need. You can also change the default snooze time length for all the alarms from the apps settings.

Two different designs: Classic, with indication of the next alarm, tech watch style with indication of the next alarm plus date info. Full color customisation.

See exactly what the weather outside is doing – day or night, rain or shine – without opening the curtains! An advanced algorithm creates real time animated clouds with mass, density and varying speeds, shapes and direction according to wind intensity conforming to Beaufort scale. Watch the sun or moon travel across the sky of your screen! For those stormy conditions see thunder and lightening flash across the sky.


Use the typewriter to send morse messages using iPhone LED or bleeps.
Stylish interface with smooth animations. 3 Different speed options.

Use the compass to set your direction and the LED will light your way in the correct direction

Customize your strobe control by selecting different timings for how long the LED will stay on and off
Intuitive interface for maximum interaction.

  • Set the listening sensitivity to 4 and leave your phone in a corner of the room during your party. You will have a great flash strobe that reacts to the beats of your music!!!
  • Full control on phone sleep time gives you peace of mind that the LED and phone will not stay all the night on after you went to bed. Accessible from the System menu.
  • No music interruption. Keep your music play on background while you switch the LED on. (There will be sound interruption when the phone waits for claps, to eliminate unwanted LED activation).


  • Continued use of flash may dramatically decrease iPhone’s battery life.
  • Users with sensitivity to rapidly flashing lights must not use the strobe function.
  • Alarm using music from personal playlist is active only when the phone is unlocked.
  • The weather mode may some times not show weather effects. This can last for a while but then it will come again to normal depending on the traffic on the weather server.
  • The app will need about 11 seconds for the first time to load. After that it will load almost instantly.
  • For iPhone4 only.

Compatible with iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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