Learn French in a Fun New Way With Videos in the App French Pretati

Learn French in a Fun New Way With Videos in the App French Pretati

Learn French in a Fun New Way With Videos in the App French Pretati

French Pretati – Video Dictionary is an app that can help you learn the French language through quick instructional videos. Featuring over 500 commonly used travel phrases users can tap and learn within seconds. From basics, getting around to meeting people French Pretati can help you get learning and speaking easily.

After launch users are greeted by a title screen as the app loads. From here a nicely colored design is shown with a light blue and white color scheme. Shown in landscape mode across the top of the screen the name, info and extras of the app can be found. Broken into three separate sections for search, basics and video, the app is designed neatly for anyone to be able to use. Lastly across the bottom of the screen a favorites bar can be found for keeping track of your favorite words and phrases.


When traveling to different countries that speak different languages the language barrier can make it hard to enjoy your time. While finding good ways to learn a language can be hard luckily French Pretati is a good application that can save the day. Most language teaching applications can be hard to use due to too much information and not enough organization. Starting from the left screen 10 categories can be found for users to browse through. By tapping on a section it is expanded in the middle where tons of great phrases pertaining to it can be found. Each phrase is shown in English in black while French is shown in blue below. By tapping on a phrase on the far right a video is shown where a speaker clearly speaks each phrase for users to hear. With all of these great features learning French can become a breeze.

The developers of French Pretati didn’t stop at just this either. There are also even more things that users can use to make learning that much easier. On the far right in the video section users are able to zoom to see the phrase, copy it to use in other places, share it on social networks, and even slow it down. Find a phrase that you want to remember and have handy at any time? No problem, thanks to the star feature users can favorite words and phrases for easy access from the favorites bar.

There are lots of language/translation apps in the app store but French Pretati is clearly a great one. Not only the only app that has video, every video is also recorded by natives. Find phrases, get learning and even share with friends. Getting to know French is only a download away. French Pretati – Video Dictionary is available for $2.99 in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

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